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Archived: Kees Strips Shirtless in Speyside- Shows Off His Seduction At Jazz 2013



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A steamy showcase of Soca, reggae, R&B and even calypso music courtesy Kes The Band – led of course by the band’s main man, Kees Dieffenthaller was all that it took to get the crowd at Speyside in the countryside of Tobago, to their feet and moving toward the front of the stage last evening. Taking over the show from performers like the ever enjoyable Fire Empress and her husband, David Reid who together make up Fire Fuzion, Trinidad based jazz band, Hyjnx, Tobagonian vocalist, Kervern Carter and Barbados’ Arturo Tapin, Kees left a lasting impression at the first event on the Tobago Jazz Experience 2013 calendar. He even scored points among the ladies when he went shirtless- strutting his stuff across the stage and teasing with every chord sung.

Kees thrilled the crowd at Speyside last night with his amazing vocals.

Kees wearing his island hat that’s become a mainstay to his look, exemplified Caribbean swag. #islandGQ

His sex appeal wasn’t the main attraction last evening but that certainly didn’t stop the ladies from lusting. His vocals on point as usual, the island pop heartthrob and his musical outfit of well endowed male and female dancers, musicians and technical crew impressed beyond words. Kees’ on stage swag has been a topic of many discussions in the past. On show night in Tobago, the conversations continued as many looked on in awe of his presence and natural knack for stimulating audience members of different ages.

The Speyside event brought out a massive crowd of villagers from the area and certainly as far as the Scarborough area. Many had made the trek to the countryside to take in the experience and with Kes the Band a headline act, it was more a matter of what time to get there, rather than if they should be there. They were all there!

Delivering a slate of hits that ranged from his 2011 Groovy Soca Monarch winner, Wotless to his reggae hit, Tuesday on the Rocks, some of the oldies but goodies in genres familiar to most if not all, and in between flashing smiles of appreciation to the crowd who raised their hands and moved their waists in approval, Kees was a hit. Chatting with ETCETERABUZZ.COM before the show, he said he felt privileged to have been included on the Jazz Experience cast and was happy to have had the opportunity to appear in the rural village of Speyside, noting that such areas are often forgotten.

Fya Empress of Fya Fuzion gave a tremendous performance.

Fya Empress of Fya Fuzion gave a tremendous performance.

Also appearing and impressing with their powerful renditions were King Super Blue- T&T’s reigning road march and Power Soca Monarch King and his step son, K Rich. Backstage, K Rich told us he was happy to be a part of the show and couldn’t wait to perform for the audience. Also leaving his mark last evening with what could only be described as a powerful reggae set was Guardah Knight. He performed just after Kees and truly thrilled the crowd. SuperBlue donned a dapper looking blue jacket that dazzled in the spotlight and like the showman he is- he infiltrated with poise and fervor.

This evening, the Jazz experience continues. Fans of Positive, Kimba Sorzano, Isaac Blackman and others are in for a treat and ETCETERABUZZ.COM will be live on location to bring you the latest, as it happens. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook as we follow the fun and bring it to you.


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