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Archived: Jazz on the Hill Puts Focus on Two Soulful Sisters



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The Tobago Jazz Experience isn’t about a one dimensional musical outlook, In fact, it’s just the opposite and the ETCETERABUZZ team found this out for ourselves when we took to the Signal Hill Recreation Grounds this past Sunday. On the hill we were privy to a performance by a soulful pair of sisters who call their stylish outfit, the Xavier Strings.

Kimba Sorzano delivers an energetic performance at Signal Hill

Kimba Sorzano performed on Sunday at Jazz on the Hill

On a pair of violins, the beautiful duo brought the large crowd to thunderous applause with their sensational and pretty inspiring renditions of songs like Bunji Garlin’s Differentology and music from other familiar acts, among them, Adele. The pair even did a folk performance segment – something that induced somewhat of a dancing vibe on the Hill. Other artistes on Sunday night included Kimba Sorzano who delivered his hit singles, Maria and Over You among other songs, creating his very own sound much to the enjoyment of those who’d come out.

Isaac Blackman, vocalists Stephanie Winchester, Dinicia Benjamin, Samuel Duncan and Mariska Melville and even Jazz band, J Major who shared the stage with veteran jazz singer, Patti Rogers kept the audience entertained on what was the second Jazz event in the 2013 list of shows.

The Tobago Jazz experience continues this week with concerts from today with the New Orleans styled, Jazz on the Waterfront set to take place at the Millford Esplanade. Of course, on Friday it’s all about The Asylum Band with Fay-Ann and Bunji Garlin. They’ll be performing at Pigeon Point for the World Music Night- sharing the stage with international crooner, Melanie Fiona as well as Jamaica’s Freddie McGreggor and KI and 3 Veni.

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