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Health Buzz: Children 5-11 May Soon Be Rolling Up Their Sleeves for The Covid19 Vaccine.



Approx. < 1 min read

On Monday, multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer said its two-dose Covid vaccine works for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The company now plans to seek authorisation from regulatory agencies in the United States.

In the Caribbean, vaccine hesitancy remains an issue and on Monday, Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Energy Industries, Stuart Young called on parents to have their teenage kids vaccinated so that they could be sent back out to school. The minister said his children had been vaccinated.

If regulatory review of Pfizer’s two dose vaccine for children under 12 goes well, this age group could start getting the shot very soon. There is however no sure timeframe for which this regulation would be approved.

Pfizer announced two other age brackets from the trial ― children ages 2-5 years and children 6 months to 2 years old are expected as soon as the fourth quarter of this year.

Researchers are said to be testing a lower dose of the two shots than 5- to 11-year-olds received.

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Health and Fitness

Swappi’s Staying Fit, Healthy and Building Muscle. It’s A Boxing Thing!




Approx. 2 min read

It’s not necessarily a popular Caribbean pastime or sport of interest for that matter, however Boxing is suddenly becoming a big deal on the ground in Trinidad, this as soca artist, Swappi, along with residents of his hometown of Sealots in Port-of-Spain have been promoting boxing matches within the community.

The ‘Bucket’ singer who’s one of the few artistes still in Trinidad and Tobago, amid Covid-19 restrictions, has been challenging others in the community, known in Trinidad as a crime hot spot, to put down the guns and put on the gloves. The effort has been applauded by some, but for others, the apparent disparity between those who are allowed to gather in numbers and be entertained by such an activity during this time, and those who are not, is disturbing.

Despite the pull and tug over the national security allowances, the concept of boxing as a fitness routine for men and women in the caribbean is actually a great idea.


There’s no proof that fitness boxing is superior to any other types of exercise, but it does have many health benefits. One is strength. This is an activity that sees those involved in it swinging their arms, moving the muscles of their arms and shoulders and increasing their upper body strength. It also helps develop core muscles, the back and legs.

Fitness boxing is also an awesome aerobic exercise. It gets your heart pumping and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. As an aerobic exercise, boxing can strengthen bones and muscles, burn calories, and lift anyone’s mood. All we can say is: way to go Swappi! Stay healthy, strong and build those muscles.

Would you try fitness boxing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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The Marleys Are on The Money. Bob’s Brand Now Monetising with Mushrooms.




Approx. 3 min read

The Marley family continues to innovate and lead the region in cultural enterprise, as they celebrate a novel and ground-breaking collaboration with Silo Wellness. 

Douglas Gordon and Cedella Marley

Silo Wellness Inc is a leading global psychedelics company, which recently announced the launch of Marley One – the first global functional and psychedelic mushroom consumer brand – in collaboration with the family of legendary Jamaican musician, Bob Marley. Founded in 2018 and led by Trinbagonian CEO, Douglas Gordon, Silo Wellness is a ‘spore-to-door’ vertically integrated company and the leading psilocybin cultivator and facilitator of psychedelic retreats in Jamaica – a jurisdiction where the cultivation, extraction, and consumption of psilocybin mushrooms is permissible.

In a release from Silo Wellness Inc., the company states that “the initial product offering will include a range of functional mushroom tinctures with unique blends highlighting the brand’s connection to Jamaica”. This will include: species such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga, reishi and turkey tail, which offer a range of unique health and wellness benefits – from immunity and gut health, to cognitive function and sleep enhancement. Silo Wellness announced a multi-year licensing agreement with the family of global reggae icon, Bob Marley for the exclusive worldwide rights to brand, market and sell a distinct product line of functional and psychedelic mushrooms and intends to launch a psychedelic mushroom product line under the Marley name later this year, to be followed by additional functional mushroom products including gummies, capsules and cosmetics.

“Today is a significant milestone for our company as we introduce the world to Marley One,” said Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon. “This exclusive portfolio of branded mushroom products coupled with instant name recognition and global visibility honouring Bob Marley’s legacy and connection to nature and plant-based wellbeing means that we are building what will become the world’s first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand. It’s guided by our vision to help people achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives and become the best versions of themselves.”

Rita Marley signed off on the deal saying, “We know Bob would be proud of what we’re building with Silo Wellness and the Marley One brand,” said Rita Marley. “Our family has always revered the ancient history and transformative potential of nature’s gifts.”

At launch, the Marley One product line included the following:

• One Mind: A coffee-flavored blend of lion’s mane and gingko biloba designed to improve focus and cognitive function.

• One Flow: A peppermint-flavored blend of cordyceps and ginseng designed to enhance physical endurance and mental function.

• One Harmony: A mango-flavored blend of chaga and ginger designed to stimulate gut health and improve digestion.

• One Body: A berry-flavored blend of turkey tail and astragalus designed to support immune health.

• One Rest: A vanilla-flavored blend of reishi and GABA designed to help reduce tension and stress and improve quality of sleep.

In 2019, Silo Wellness Inc. announced proof of concept of a patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray. In addition to its market-leading mushroom and psilocybin products, Silo Wellness conducts ketamine-assisted retreats in Oregon and recently expanded its psychedelic offerings to introduce 5-MeO-DMT-enhanced retreats across Jamaica.

“As a family, we seek to use our platform to inspire positive change, and the launch of the Marley One mushroom brand (in collaboration with a pioneering company like Silo Wellness) allows us to do just that by marrying ancient wisdom with modern science,” said CEO of the Bob Marley Group of Companies, Cedella Marley. “It’s our wish that these products will empower people to experience oneness with nature and the universe at large – and ultimately, achieve greater self- actualization,” she said.

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