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Bass Gets Fete Lovers Weekend Ready!



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It’s the weekend, and coming through with the perfect weekend anthem is none other than Bass- the artiste who told revelers, “if yuh stush stay in the bush” just a few years ago.

Bass, whose real name is Adrian Hackshaw, doubles up as a radio personality at Vibe CT 105FM. Ahead of carnival 2024, he has unleashed “Is D Weekend,” the perfect groovy release to get soca lovers revved up for the weekend excitement and not to mention, the big fetes that’ll be coming every weekend heading into carnival 2024. He describes his single as “an explosive tempo groove.” The single was produced by Barbados’ De Redboyz – the very same production team who, in 2016 aided with their production of “Bum Bum,” best known as “if yuh stush go in the bush.” Bass says this song is guaranteed to make you want to fete, party and lime!

A video for the track is in the making and according to the entertainer, this will be his sole contribution to the carnival 2024 season. He says he is confident that the song will make inroads onto all frequencies as the momentum of Carnival 2024 builds. “It’s already getting a lot of love on the ground and I am really grateful for that,” he said, adding that its early release allows it time to build. In the meantime, it’s available digitally, on all major platforms, for purchase.

For more details on the artiste and what he’s up to, follow him on Instagram.


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