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Don’t Sleep on Yankey. He’s Got A Bag of Tricks.



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He’s a bit of a trickster in the soca business. Yankey Boy never fails to keep fans entertained with his incessant antics and social media tricks. It’s all marketing really ; however, the New York based soca artiste has made it his business to understand what people bite into when they hit social media.

Gimmicks and tricks are a mainstay to his social media appeal and he’s got no reservations when it comes to doing the most to gain those view, likes and shares. In fact, Yankey Boy has pretty much made a name for himself in that arena.

When the artiste wanted us to buy into his new single, “All Over Yuh Body”, back in 2020, ahead of Carnival 2021, things kicked off with a ‘Pineapple’ scandal, which went on and on, eventually going viral. These days, the artiste who’s also known for his entrepreneurial spirit, selling different flavors of hot sauce, is all about marketing his brand new single, “Eye Get Big,” on the PTP riiddim. The single generates awareness about the economic prowess or what some may call, trickery of females in today’s world, according to the artiste who co-wrote the song with Kareem Dorset and Eric Jones. Always the funny guy, Yankey Boy visited Trinidad and Tobago for the song’s release in the summer and shared videos laced with humor- all of which were aimed at marketing the new single.

Recently, Ebuzztt engaged the artiste a little. We found out that the internet just happens to be his biggest distraction. Take a look:

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