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Archived: Arturo Tappin Wows Tobago Jazz Experience



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By the end of what was possibly an hour long performance by acclaimed Barbados born saxophonist, Arturo Tappin, there was no question that Tobago had made the best possible choice for what was the first event on the 2013 Tobago Jazz Experience calendar.

Arturo Tapin stands atop a chair in the crowd with his Saxophone.

Arturo Tappin stands atop a chair in the crowd with his Saxophone.

Tappin, a world renowned musician, brought a savvy sense of musical style and flair to Speyside- something that was welcomed by every patron no doubt. Stylishly dressed in a pink shirt and white trousers with his long Caribbean dreadlocks almost to the ground, Tappin stood like a tower of musical bliss atop the stage at the Speyside Recreation Grounds, belting out notes from his saxophone which lingered in the air and filled the field with a sense of calm that was savored from start to finish. He performed a number of musical selections, among them Bunji Garlin’s Differentology, Mr. Vegas’ Bruk It Out, Psy’s Gangam Style and certainly other traditional songs that were truly enjoyed by the crowd. He was even moved to step off the stage for a bit and climbing atop a chair in the crowd, Tappin danced and blew his saxaphone with vigor and sweetness.

The Tobago Jazz experience will continue tonight at the Signal Hill Recreation Grounds with acts like Positive, Isaac Blackman, Kimba Sorzano, J-Major, Samuel Duncan and Stephanie Winchester among others. Judging from the representation at the free event in Speyside last evening, we at ETCETERABUZZ.COM are certainly expecting a strong turnout in Signal Hill later today and while Tappin won’t be on the cast again this evening, he’ll be showing off his skill on the sax again on April 27th when he makes an appearance at Mt. Irvine Bay for Jazz on the Beach.


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