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Archived: No Advice For Terri- Fay-Ann Says 'First Time' Mom Experience Is Uniqiue



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Destra Garcia’s daughter Xai has become the centre of the soca diva’s world since she was born three years ago. Likewise, Fay-Ann Lyons’ four year old daughter with husband, Bunji Garlin- Syri. Mother’s Day, being celebrated by mothers across the world and their children who will shower them with love and appreciation, draws into focus the mothers who sacrifice a hell of a lot to bring the masses the entertainment they yearn for across the Caribbean and the world.

Destra Garcia with her daughter Xai.

Destra Garcia with her daughter Xai.

Denise Belfon’s children are now old enough to accompany her to some events but there is no doubt that during Belfon’s over ten year long career in the soca music industry, her children would have felt the effects of her absence at night during the seasonal periods. Added to those seasons in Trinidad and Tobago were the seasons of caribbean nations like Jamaica, Grenada, St, Vincent, Barbados and St. Lucia among other hot locations known for creating the carnival vibe.

Soca mothers are few but the tremendous job they do both on and off stage must be commended. Terri Lyons is an expectant soca mom. We asked her sister Fay-Ann what advice she would offer her younger sibling and without hesitation, she said,  “I really wouldn’t offer her any advice. I feel all first time mothers should be given that chance to learn the ropes for themselves because it is an experience they will never again feel. You’re only a first time mom, once,” she pointed out. She said Terri’s situation is obviously different from hers and she would have to be directed by the circumstances of her lifestyle and her situation with her partner. Lyons-Alvarez prides herself on being the best mother she can be. In a previous interview last year she had indicated her and her husband’s desire to expand their family. Since starting her educational pursuit however, she told us things have become quite hectic.

Today, Mother’s Day, we wish all mothers of the world and all mothers of Soca a wonderful day. May you be blessed in your nurturing spirit and may your children understand the sacrifices you make to ensure that they’re well taken care of.

Happy Mother’s Day from the ETCETERABUZZ family.

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