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5 Things Trinis Do That’ll Either Intrigue You or Make You Cringe.



Thousands are flooding Trinidad and Tobago’s shores even as you read. It’s Carnival. The feting season’s here and in the next couple weeks, the island’s guaranteed to be overrun with tourists from around the world. Never been? Here are five words that’ll tell you all you need to know about the people of Trinidad and Tobago…. TRINBAGONIANS LIVE FOR THE THRILL.

Machel Montano will be at Army Fete 2019.

Whether it’s how Trinis fete or how they interact with visitors, the energy that embodies the people of this West Indian twin island, will mesmerize you in one way or another. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be able to get Trinidad and Tobago off your mind.

We’ll get you started with 5 things Trinbagonians do that will either make you smile and want give it a try, or give you the heebie jeebies. If you’re American, you’re guaranteed to get where we’re coming from. For those who aren’t… the replacement phrase would be uncomfortably nervous. Here goes:

1. Trinbagonians drink alcohol in the streets, unhindered and unbridled. There are no laws against it.

2. They take carnival loans. Now, while in the Western world or anywhere credit equates to life, this act would be questioned, in Trinidad and Tobago, a carnival loan simply taken to “enjoy the season”, is a norm.

3. The impromptu J’ouvert potty stop doesn’t always mean an indoor toilet stop. We’ll leave that one to your imagination. Just note that at Carnival, there’s usually a no holds barred kind of attitude to life.

4. Ketchup is a staple condiment to most street food and even home cooked meals like ‘pelau’. So, while in North America, a ketchup bottle would never accompany a pizza slice, the exact opposite takes place in these parts. In fact, Trinbagonians now add a slew of other condiments to their food… like garlic sauce and shadow beni sauce. Get with it! FAST.

5. Spending exorbitant amounts to see the same artistes you’d see at a $200 fete, just to say, “I went to _______ fete” for “the experience” is another norm here. According to some, Trinidad and Tobago just isn’t a real place. We’ll leave the rest to you, now… Have fun!

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Buju Banton Has Touched Down in Trinidad ahead of I Am Legend Festival this Sunday.



Buju Banton arrived at the old Piarco International Airport, via private jet a short while ago. His aircraft landed to much fan fare as media and officials from High Frequency entertainment welcomed him.

Buju’s entry into Trinidad was without hiccup and now the artiste is set for his major return to Trinidad and Tobago’s concert capital, Queens Park Savannah on Sunday. He gave no interviews upon his arrival but smiled happily with those who were there to greet him. High Frequency Entertainment is promising an incredible festival event. Caribbean Art, Craft and Cuisine, added to Caribbean music that even includes the likes of Kes the Band and other amazing local hit makers, will be showcased.

Buju’s arrival into T&T has been highly charged. Take a look at his entry into Piarco.

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Buju Cleared for T&T Entry. Private Jet Arrives on Friday. Watson Speaks Out.



Trinidad and Tobago is bursting at the seams with excitement as the I Am Legend Festival headlined by Buju Banton, is just days away. An official advisory from the Ministry of National Security today highlighted that Buju, along with Luciano and Wayne Wonder had all been cleared for entry into Trinidad and Tobago by the Chief Immigration Officer.

Buju Banton is free to enter Trinidad and Tobago on Friday.

There was some concern last week after an announcement was made by the Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, indicating that he had not seen documents related to any request for Buju to be allowed entry into Trinidad and Tobago. It was subsequently reported that High Frequency Entertainment- the promotional outfit that will host Buju and his friends at the I Am Legend Festival on Sunday, had in fact submitted documents to the Ministry of National Security since November 2018. They re-submitted the request and received notice of authorization on Wednesday. understands that Buju will arrive in T&T via private jet on Friday. The artiste’s last visit to Trinidad was in 2009 when he performed at that year’s I Am Legend concert at the very same venue, the concert capital- Queen’s Park Savannah. “There is something mystical and magical about this occasion. It’s been exactly 10 years since Buju last performed here. He’s received so much support from the people of Trinidad and Tobago over the years and there is no doubt that he is grateful for all the love that’s been shown, over the years,” said High Frequency Entertainment CEO, Glenroy Watson.

Buju Banton was last experienced in concert, in Trinidad, in 2009.

The stage is set for what Watson assures, will be a memorable show of love and unity at the Savannah on Easter Sunday. Tourist arrivals to T&T, according to Watson, has soared in the past few days and is expected to increase further, in the next day or two. “There’s no doubt in our minds that this festival is an attraction to Trinidad at this time. It’s an economic booster and I’m happy to deliver this to my country,” he said. He however expressed disappointment in the corporate sector, explaining that most of his expenses have been satisfied out of pocket. “It’s not an easy road as Buju said, but with God at the helm, I’m guaranteeing everyone that this festival will continue annually- corporate sponsorship or not,” said Watson, highlighting that despite all that this event has done and will do, to boost local employment for the period, increase tourist arrivals, earn foreign exchange for the country and so much else, he has received no major sponsorship or government support for the benefits T&T will essentially reap.

Koffee makes her T&T debut on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah for the I Am Legend Festival. The youths are anxious to catch her live.

The I Am Legend Festival is the biggest event of its kind to hit T&T, in recent years. Buju Banton’s name wields tremendous weight in these parts with even youths below 18 years of age, eager to experience the reggae hit maker, live. Banton, best known to many as simply, Gargamel, will be joined on stage by young star on the rise, Koffee, veteran reggae stalwart, Luciano, melody maker, Wayne Wonder and of course, Singing Melody, Tony Curtis and LUST.

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