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Archived: A 'Vagabond' Set For Release In T&T As Carnival 2015 Looms



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Ricardo Drue is Antigua's reigning Soca Monarch King.

Ricardo Drue is Antigua’s reigning Soca Monarch King.

While the song’s been rotating on the airwaves in recent days in Trinidad and Tobago, Ricardo Drue’s 2014 single, Vagabond’s been a factor in the musical scheme of things up the Caribbean, for months. In Antigua, the young entertainer won the Soca Monarch competition and now, with his eyes set on the big stage in T&T, Drue who is one part of the frontline of the Roy Cape All Stars says, he’s amped up and ready to go!

A video for the track is already in the making, this of course as the song grows in popularity on Carnival island. Drue says the video will be ready for release in a  couple weeks and beyond that, he’s promising songs produced by the likes of Precision Productions,  Dwain ‘Dwaingerous’ Antrobus, Martian Music and Wiz Records among others for Carnival 2015 in T&T. On Vagabond, Drue said, “It delivers a serious Caribbean ‘lavway’ that’s hard to miss.” He says he’s sure every true carnival lover will take to this one, with little effort.

A socialite on the social media circuit, Drue is making every effort to keep fans and friends in the know when it comes to his music. You can check him out on Twitter @itsdrue and on Facebook. The artiste is also very visible on Instagram at ItsDrue.


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