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T&T Designer Ecliff Elie Shows Dreevait At Mega Fashion Event in DR.



The Ecliff Elie menswear brand- a steadily growing and well-reputed Trinidad and Tobago design brand, was recently, a part of the Caribbean’s most anticipated fashion event, Dominicana Moda 2018.

From left Ecliff Elie, Haitian Fashion Designer Helmer Joseph and Jamaican designer Carlton Brown.

Staged in Santo Domingo, the 12thedition of the red carpet event, which sees celebrities from various parts of the world, in attendance, welcomed Elie and his Dreevait Resort collection. Both Caribbean Export and Dominicana Moda had extended the invitation to the Trinidad and Tobago designer. He accepted and would subsequently showcase the collection at an event dubbed, “Caribbean Runway” on Wednesday, October 24th. “It was truly a success. The collection was well received,” said Elie

Dominicana Moda is considered one of the most important fashion events in the Caribbean with growing importance internationally. For Ecliff, the experience was certainly a welcomed one, and graciously, he accepted and executed, delivering the Dreevait collection, which was revealed a few months ago in Tobago. The collection boasts bold colours and according to the designer himself, it suits men who have no restrictions, and reflects those who are confident and ready for any occasion.


One of the designs from the Dreevait collection.

The opportunity to showcase his work on a main stage at this very prominent Caribbean fashion event was worthwhile. “There’s really no better place for this collection to have been showcased. The DR is an ultimate resort destination in the Caribbean region, coupled with an appreciation for the Caribbean aesthetic, which is ultimately delivered in this collection,” he said. Elie also explained that the opportunity was seen as a very good business move. “It was good for Trinidad and Tobago as well. It allowed our country to be seen and highlighted among the best in Caribbean fashion and that’s promotion we certainly cannot pay for,” he said.

Ecliff Elie received tremendous kudos for his showing at the fashion event on October 24th.

A number of businesses in the Dominican Republic had expressed a desire to carry Elie’s clothing brand there, so essentially, the move to showcase the designs to such a wide audience, was a smart one.

Ecliff Elie’s name has been receiving widespread attention in recent time. He is credited with outfitting reggae sensation, Jah Cure for a concert event hosted in Trinidad earlier this year. The reggae artiste was certainly satisfied with his look, telling the crowd that a “Trini designer” had dressed him. Subsequent to that, Ecliff Elie designed a number of suits for Trinidad and Tobago singer, Olatunji Yearwood who appeared on the X Factor, making it through to the Live rounds, before making his exit this month.

It was good for Trinidad and Tobago as well. It allowed our country to be seen and highlighted among the best in Caribbean fashion and that’s promotion we certainly cannot pay for. – Ecliff Elie 

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Ricardo Drue Makes Statement at Soka In Moka



No, this has nothing to do with the fact that he and his daughter’s mother were seemingly coupled up backstage at Soka In Moka…. (wink,wink), but it does however have a lot to do with the fact that Drue maintains a high standard of performance delivery on stage in Carnival 2019! The “I Got You” singer, delivered seamlessly at the carnival staple event on Sunday night, proving he’s certainly got what it takes.

Ricardo’s been a part of the All Starz frontline lineup for quite some time. He’s definitely earned his place in the game. On stage at Soka in Moka, the young artiste presented a refreshing and exhilarating set that included his hit singles, “Professional” “Bet” and “Vagabond.” He was well received by the crowd of primarily mature fete lovers who couldn’t help themselves when the young charmer pulled out the stops and delved into some old school refrains.

Ricardo Drue

Drue’s physical presence on stage is always one to admire as well. Perfectly suited in a khaki coloured suit on Sunday night, he worked the stage, and with little to no talk in between songs, Ricardo simple ACED it!

Take a look at what we managed to capture of the young performer at Soka in Moka 2019.

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Patrice Roberts Is Serving Up Those Looks. Have You Seen Her?



Kees and Voice are among the male soca stars who’ve been photographed enjoying some sporting fun.

No matter where she globe trots, fashion’s atop Patrice Roberts’ agenda it seems. The soca mom has been showing off her looks daily aboard the Uber Soca Cruise, this as her male counterparts have been getting in on the sport excitement aboard the Royal Caribbean vessel. Patrice is just one of several artistes who’ve been cruising for the past week, with two sailings by the soca promo outfit.

We’ve been keeping our eye on Patsy. Her music’s already causing a stir, all with several releases already circulating. Her most recent release, “Touch Me” on the Toco Loco riddim, also hears her mentor, Machel Montano deliver a single called, “Toco Loco”. Roberts also has ‘Like It Hot’, ‘Into You’, ‘Work 4 It’ and ‘My Side’ with Sekon Sta.

Momentum ahead of the season high, the young artiste is definitely serving up the action. Her image, certainly a major part of overall promotion, Patrice Roberts is making sure she’s on her A game, no matter what it takes.

Check out some of her USC looks.

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