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Trini Artiste ‘Nathanael’ Gets The Nod From ‘Lamboginny’ in International Open Verse Challenge.



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It’s no secret that Trinis are everywhere and in everything like salt. This time the spotlight is on singer/songwriter, Nathanael. The artiste has been trending on Instagram after getting the nod from Nigerian Afro-Dancehall musician, Yinka ‘Lamboginny’ Lawanson for his contribution to Lamboginny’s social media open verse challenge on  his recent single, ‘Count Your Blessings’. 

Lamboginy, who’s also a popular Tiktoker, posted Nathanael’s entry on his Instagram page on Wednesday, and at the time of writing this, it had already garnered close to 4,000 views and almost 500 comments. 

So far, Lamboginny has chosen just four finalists out of over 100 entries from artistes around the world and has been asking people to vote for their favourite verse. Local and international friends of the local producer, including soca artiste Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis and gospel singers James ‘Jr Dynamite’ Saunders and Marc Isaacs,  yesterday flocked to Lamboginny’s Instagram to show their support. “A couple friends tagged me in the challenge and I decided to give it a try. I’ve been doing some of these music challenges lately and I see it as an opportunity to put some positive lyrics in the music space and just have fun with the music,” the artiste told EBUZZTT this morning, in response to the question of why he decided to enter the music competition. 

Born Ryan Levi Nathanael Hamilton, the talented artiste is the quintessential musician. A singer/ songwriter, producer, pianist and part-time music teacher, he is the mastermind behind many local and regional gospel hits. He has worked with the likes of Sherwin Garnder, Joel ‘Positive’ Murray and John Yarde from Barbados. His credits span outside of the gospel genre too having produced Voice’s 2016 Soca Monarch smash hit, ‘Far From Finished’. Additionally, his pen crossed borders a few years ago, as he was a writer for multiple Grammy Award winning American R&B group Boyz 11 Men.

Journalist – Cherisse Moe

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