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Archived: Tommy Lee Still Being Scrutinised In Trinidad



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On this the one month anniversary of Tommy Lee Sparta’s disastrous appearance in Trinidad, the entertainment watchdogs on the island continue to lambaste the  new age Jamaican entertainer with harsh criticism, many saying his music should be completely banned on radio stations in T&T.

Jamaican dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee

Jamaican dancehall artiste, Tommy Lee

This morning, prominent radio presenter Third Bass, speaking on his urban programme, The Middlemen Morning Show, asked callers to identify music they felt should not be played on air. Well, that was nothing short of a condemnation attack on the Flankers native. For weeks since his departure from Trinidad on March 24, Tommy Lee’s name has been subjected to bouts of trashing on air and not to mention among members of the public who claim the artiste’s demonic lyrical outbursts could prove damaging for the youths who listen to his music.

DJ’s on some frequencies in Trinidad continue to play Tommy Lee’s songs however, claiming that it’s what the youths yearn to hear. For Third Bass and his DJ- The Ultimate DJ Shane, anything by Tommy Lee is a no-no. From early on Bass had indicated his disapproval of the artiste’s verbal appreciation for demonic elements, more so with his ‘Uncle Demon’ stage persona. Today,  his appreciation of the artiste’s persona and the music he releases, remains much the same as when Tommy Lee Sparta became a big name on the island.

The Jamaican dancehall entertainer meanwhile, blamed the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago for the very small turnout at the Guaracarra Park venue on show night in a subsequent article relative to the show on March 31st. What do you think? Should Tommy Lee’s music be completely banned in Trinidad and Tobago and even in Jamaica and other places? Have your say in our poll below.

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