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Archived: Bunji Blows Their Minds… Again!



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In what can only be described as a video documentary that could have only been inspired by a personal passion to tell his story, his innermost feeling and his method to taking his music global, Bunji Garlin has again sent his die hard fans into a frenzy. A newly released video documentary that offers a peek into what is likely to be unleashed soon, in music video format for his hit single, ‘Carnival Tabanca’, has managed to capture the essence of not just a song, but a people- a Trinbagonian people. 

Bunji poses with his Soul Train award at the House of Vikings.

Laced with imagery of downtown Trinidad’s energy – in both the literal and metaphorical senses, the video documentary for Carnival Tabanca, which is on Vimeo, hears Bunji speak of the song’s very humble beginnings, later meandering into how he plans on taking his music to the world- a task that he has already proven quite capable of. Already, many are saying that this release has increased their love and respect for the artiste, adding that it is merely icing on the cake.

It was only yesterday that Bunji was seen in a photo with a smile, holding in his hand the highly touted Soul Train Music award, which he won last year. We are inclined to believe that the smile flashed is filled with promise of what’s yet to come for Soca and for the man many have come to appreciate for his humility and passion- the man we now refer to as the Viking of Soca. 

The video was directed by Walt Lovelace & Curtis Popplewell and produced by Beach House Entertainment. 

Here’s a look at the video documentary for Carnival Tabanca. Feel free to share this feature with your friends on Facebook and other social media. We feel the world needs to see this video! Don’t you?


[vimeo width=”600″ height=”350″]85874106[/vimeo]


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