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Archived: Swappi Puts Ice In His Bucket- Donates to ALS



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While for some the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) ice bucket challenge is seen as a brilliant marketing ploy to get the world in tuned to the seriousness of the illness, there is now concern growing in the Caribbean that some may be using the phenomenon for their own personal gain, as merely a publicity stunt. The latest T&T based celebrity who has offered his support to the cause is Marvin Davis, best known in the soca world as Swappi. In a well orchestrated and videotaped scenario, the ‘Bucket’ singer has not just one bucket but four, dumped on his head, this after challenging the likes of Destra Garcia, Penny Gomez, Ravi B, Bunji Garlin and even Kees Dieffenthaller among others, to do the same.

Swappi has four buckets of ice thrown on him.

Swappi has four buckets of ice thrown on him.

Last week, many across Trinidad and Tobago began dissuading the action, instead calling on their counterparts on the island to deliver something of equal worth to a local charity of some sort- the concept of being a bandwagonist nation, a constant cry. Soca artiste, Bunji Garlin in his usual thoughtful sentimentality expressed hesitance toward the challenge, posing questions about ALS, asking where he would be able to donate and the possibility of getting hypothermia, his body having been exposed to various temperatures in recent days and weeks. Despite his hesitation however, others, like Swappi, have been eager to show off their ability to beat the challenge.

Trinidad and Tobago television and radio personality, Samantha John, the Island People crew, sportsman, Kenwyn Jones, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and Grenada’s Kerani James, have all taken up the challenge, supposedly donating to the charity. On Twitter, the Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society  meanwhile, has requested that persons and organisations donate to their cause, if the ice bucket challenge is accepted and delivered on.

The ALS ice bucket challenge began after  29- year- old Pete Frates, a former Division one college athlete with Boston College Baseball, who suffers with ALS, participated in the challenge and posted a video online. The phenomenon has raised in excess of $70 million for the charity to date. 





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