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Archived: Shurwayne Brings Back The Iron, Reminding The World What Carnival Really is About.



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There’s been a lot of moaning and groaning in recent years about the declining elements of Trinidad and Tobago’s authenticity as the Carnival Mecca. Has the bacchanal nation lost its fire? Did the aversion of the music from hardcore power soca to tamer tones of groovy appeal, lead to fetters’ less enthused reactions and the decline of the big flag culture in T&T!? Legit questions but here’s what, let’s not play the blame game! Let’s just fix it! That’s exactly what Shurwayne Winchester set out to do when he released his 2019 Road March contender, and we think it’s gonna work!

Teaming up with the incomparable Stadic Productions and Neil Bernard, Shurwayne- a former multiple Road March, Power and Groovy Soca Monarch king, tested his ability to re-energize the Trini carnival vibe, amping up his delivery and “bringing back” the iron and the brass that had been traded in for digital echos and instrumentals by many producers. He admitted that when he brought the idea to the production outfit, the response wasn’t as forthcoming, but they went along with it, and the end product is sheer fire!

“I just wanted to give the masqueraders a happy power. So much happening in our lives, what more!? We need some happiness. I wanted to create a song where people didn’t have to think too much, they would just react with ecstasy,” he said. He’s given the world so many songs like this- happy songs. His Road March anthems, “Dead or Alive,” and “ De Band Coming” are still carnival anthems and just like those two tracks, Shurwyane’s latest release, “Come Back”, strikes the ultimate masquerader’s chord when played.

The Road March race in T&T is just now heating up! Shurwayne’s not to be counted out! Today, the artiste celebrates his 44th birthday. He has contributed to the Soca and carnival circuit since 1996. Don’t get it twisted- Shurwayne Winchester’s a defender of the art form and he’ll be serving up that raw Carnival vibe for real fetters, for many years to come. Stay WOKE.


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