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New Carnival Concierge Mas Band Promises Inevitable Economic Returns for T&T.



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Members of the 1One Nation Carnival concierge outfit are eager to present their concept on August 24th at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel. 

An economic boost for Trinidad and Tobago; this is the overall anticipation of a new carnival band that is setting itself apart from the dynamic of all other bands in the carnival business. 1One Nation Carnival’s concierge style, intimate offering ahead of Carnival 2020, launches at the Hilton Hotel in Trinidad, on August 24th. Its variables are unique when it comes to creating an experience for tourists in particular. That unique offering is what will ultimately be the cash-in for nationals of Trinidad and Tobago and the country as a whole. 

With several major mas bands already having launched their 2020 offerings, the 1One Nation Carnival team is excited to reveal their Tropical Wonderland theme- a concept that will only be available to a maximum of 200 carnival enthusiasts from around the world. “We’ll be partnering with a number of different carnival and tourism stakeholders,” says 1One Nation’s Sejoux Nelson. He says the return on investment for these partners will be substantial, and will essentially be a full scale marketing effort on their end to ensure that these investors get value for their buck. The team is also making major social media inroads, partnering with top tiered social influencers for the long haul. “In this technological age, there’s so much that can be done online to entice folks around the world. With our focus being the foreign market in particular, the use of social influencers who are able to generate that awareness to their global following, is essential,” said Nelson. 

The August 24th launch will deliver Caribbean mas with an unmistakable couture element from start to finish. “We’re ensuring that all aspects of the 1One Nation brand receive the attention deserved. The international market is one that expects value for their money and they will certainly receive that,” said Nelson. The returns for the people of Trinidad and Tobago and the economy as a whole, lies in the participants’ arrival and stay on the twin island. “We believe that more efforts like this, to prompt visitors with foreign exchange, to visit these parts, partake in the festival and certainly spend while here, is equated to financial gains for the country and its people,” said Nelson, adding that from every angle one may view a concierge service carnival experience from, the returns are there to be seen. 

Some 20 costumes will be available for the small band’s masqueraders to choose from, Nelson explaining that there will be 4 sections with each section offering masqueraders a choice of 5 costumes. “This is something that’s never really been done before. We think its time more options were made available for people based on varying factors, such as body type, age and other variables. Widening the demographic is ultimately a win-win situation for us and the masqueraders themselves,” said Nelson. 
 Details on the upcoming band launch are available on the 1One Nation Carnival Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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Miami Carnival 2019 OFFICIAL Results. ‘Famalay Wins Road March.



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Skinny Fabulous’ masterpiece of a Soca tune, collaboratively sung with Trinidad and Tobago’s Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin, has won the Miami Carnival Road March. Results for all major competitions were revealed on the weekend.

Take a look below:



  1. Rennie Wilkinson portraying ‘Sun on Ice” from Natural Disasters Mas.
  2. . Soowan Bramble, portraying “Moulin Rouge” from Euphoria Mas.
  3. Jessy Schuster portraying “Aviant, for Revels Labyrinth” from Revel Nation Carnival.


1. Andalcio “Andy” Lewis portraying “The Ice Man Cometh” from Natural Disasters Mas.


  1. Thesha “Trini” Lashley portraying “Freedom – World Peace” from Party Room Squad.
  2.  Joanna De La Rosa portraying “Phantom Flora” from Revel Nation Carnival.
  3.  Nicole Moreta portraying “La Marye” from Ti Chapo.


  1. Percy Maynard portraying “Juda.Ra: The Last Pharoah” from Ramajay Mas International
  2.  Kenneth Antoine portraying “The Ice Pheonix” from Natural Disasters Mas
  3. Joseph Apoleon portraying “Le Marye” from Ti Chapo.


  1. Freaks Mas portraying “The Oddessy”
  2.  Ramajay International portraying “Reign: The Rise of an Empire”
  3. Big & Strong/One Island portraying “Shen Yun (Inspired) Dynasties”
  4. Generation X portraying “The Beauty in Chaos”
  5.  Revel Nation Carnival portraying “Revels Labyrinth”
  6. Euphoria Productions portraying “Stages”
  7. Bajan Fuh Evah portraying “The Hunt – to be or not to be”
  8. Party Room Squad portraying “Alta Moda”
  9. Major Players Inc. portraying “Vogue”
  10. Natural Disasters Mas portraying “Festivals of the World”
  11. D Junction Mas portraying “Playhouse where Fantasies come alive.”
  12. K-Paya/Red Antz Miami Portraying “Expressions”

ROAD MARCH 2019 (Calypso most played)

  1.  Famalay (Machel Montano/Bunji Garlin/Skinny Fabulous.
  2. Nasty Up (Problem Child)
  3. Savannah Grass (Kes The Band)

PANORAMA RESULTS (October 11, 2019)1. New Generation Branches, playing “Savannah Grass”2. Sticks ‘N Tones, playing “Hookin Meh”3. Miami Vibez, playing “Hookin Meh”4. Steel Away, playing “Iron Love”

JUNIOR CARNIVAL (October 5, 2019)


Angeline Lawrence portraying “Curious Alice” from La Familia


Atom Cumberbatch portraying “De Man with De Hammer” from La Familia


  1.  Amiley Irish portraying “Tropical Fruit Princess” from Fun Generation Too
  2.  Annaliza Joseph portraying “It’s Market Day” from Fun Generation Too
  3. Keliya Buddington portraying Fireworks in de Festival” from Natural Disaster


  1. Shani Butler portraying “Flpora and Fauna” from Fun Generation Too
  2. Amayia Armstrong portraying “Goddess of the Garden” from D Junction Mas Jr.
  3. Kyalah Buddington portraying “Celebration Time” from Natural Disaster


  1. Brendon Simmons portraying “Fireman in De Festival” from Natural Disaster.
  2. D’yonn Pauly portraying J”Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi” from Major Players.
  3. Alexander Moore portraying “Tropical Fish in the Ocean” from Community Vibes.


  1. Fun Generation Too portraying “Fruits and Flowers”
  2. Natural Disaster portraying “In De Festival”
  3. Party Room Squad portraying “Fantasy Garden”
  4. Royalty Kids portraying “Climate Control”
  5. La Familia portraying “Alice in Socaland”
  6. Major Players portraying “Dynasty-Ancient China”
  7. D Junction Mas Jr. portraying “In My Garden”
  8. Wassi Babes portraying “This is the Place”
  9. Break Awae Kru portraying “Just Clowning Around”
  10. Euphoria Minis portraying “Off Broadway”
  11. Community Vibes portraying “Out of the Tropics”

China Mas Kids and Moko Jumbies participated, but did not compete.

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Kanye West Gives Jamaica A 2 Hour Long Sunday Service; Brings Jesus Front and Centre.



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The superstar that he is, has been humbled, replaced by a man of strong faith and blossoming spiritual understanding. Chicago born US rapper and often controversially charged, Kanye West performed with a 120 man choir at the Emancipation Park in New Kingston, Jamaica on Friday night.

West who’s been on a spiritual journey since April, performed for two hours at the arena, ending his set with his popular rap anthem, ‘Jesus Walks.’ Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian was not on the island.

Ebuzztt understands that included in Kanye’s repertoire were songs like, Damian Marley’s, ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ and the gospel hit, ‘Prince of Peace.’ The entertainer took the opportunity, during his set, to thank the people of Jamaica, saying, “I just want to thank Jamaica for the open door they gave us. I want to thank the Government, the police and the people of Kingston.”

West’s services have, thus far, been held in Los Angeles, Wyoming, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. It is reported that he plans on taking the Sunday Service show to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Here’s a snippet of the event, held on Friday night.

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