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Miami Carnival 2019 OFFICIAL Results. ‘Famalay Wins Road March.



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Skinny Fabulous’ masterpiece of a Soca tune, collaboratively sung with Trinidad and Tobago’s Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin, has won the Miami Carnival Road March. Results for all major competitions were revealed on the weekend.

Take a look below:



  1. Rennie Wilkinson portraying ‘Sun on Ice” from Natural Disasters Mas.
  2. . Soowan Bramble, portraying “Moulin Rouge” from Euphoria Mas.
  3. Jessy Schuster portraying “Aviant, for Revels Labyrinth” from Revel Nation Carnival.


1. Andalcio “Andy” Lewis portraying “The Ice Man Cometh” from Natural Disasters Mas.


  1. Thesha “Trini” Lashley portraying “Freedom – World Peace” from Party Room Squad.
  2.  Joanna De La Rosa portraying “Phantom Flora” from Revel Nation Carnival.
  3.  Nicole Moreta portraying “La Marye” from Ti Chapo.


  1. Percy Maynard portraying “Juda.Ra: The Last Pharoah” from Ramajay Mas International
  2.  Kenneth Antoine portraying “The Ice Pheonix” from Natural Disasters Mas
  3. Joseph Apoleon portraying “Le Marye” from Ti Chapo.


  1. Freaks Mas portraying “The Oddessy”
  2.  Ramajay International portraying “Reign: The Rise of an Empire”
  3. Big & Strong/One Island portraying “Shen Yun (Inspired) Dynasties”
  4. Generation X portraying “The Beauty in Chaos”
  5.  Revel Nation Carnival portraying “Revels Labyrinth”
  6. Euphoria Productions portraying “Stages”
  7. Bajan Fuh Evah portraying “The Hunt – to be or not to be”
  8. Party Room Squad portraying “Alta Moda”
  9. Major Players Inc. portraying “Vogue”
  10. Natural Disasters Mas portraying “Festivals of the World”
  11. D Junction Mas portraying “Playhouse where Fantasies come alive.”
  12. K-Paya/Red Antz Miami Portraying “Expressions”

ROAD MARCH 2019 (Calypso most played)

  1.  Famalay (Machel Montano/Bunji Garlin/Skinny Fabulous.
  2. Nasty Up (Problem Child)
  3. Savannah Grass (Kes The Band)

PANORAMA RESULTS (October 11, 2019)1. New Generation Branches, playing “Savannah Grass”2. Sticks ‘N Tones, playing “Hookin Meh”3. Miami Vibez, playing “Hookin Meh”4. Steel Away, playing “Iron Love”

JUNIOR CARNIVAL (October 5, 2019)


Angeline Lawrence portraying “Curious Alice” from La Familia


Atom Cumberbatch portraying “De Man with De Hammer” from La Familia


  1.  Amiley Irish portraying “Tropical Fruit Princess” from Fun Generation Too
  2.  Annaliza Joseph portraying “It’s Market Day” from Fun Generation Too
  3. Keliya Buddington portraying Fireworks in de Festival” from Natural Disaster


  1. Shani Butler portraying “Flpora and Fauna” from Fun Generation Too
  2. Amayia Armstrong portraying “Goddess of the Garden” from D Junction Mas Jr.
  3. Kyalah Buddington portraying “Celebration Time” from Natural Disaster


  1. Brendon Simmons portraying “Fireman in De Festival” from Natural Disaster.
  2. D’yonn Pauly portraying J”Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi” from Major Players.
  3. Alexander Moore portraying “Tropical Fish in the Ocean” from Community Vibes.


  1. Fun Generation Too portraying “Fruits and Flowers”
  2. Natural Disaster portraying “In De Festival”
  3. Party Room Squad portraying “Fantasy Garden”
  4. Royalty Kids portraying “Climate Control”
  5. La Familia portraying “Alice in Socaland”
  6. Major Players portraying “Dynasty-Ancient China”
  7. D Junction Mas Jr. portraying “In My Garden”
  8. Wassi Babes portraying “This is the Place”
  9. Break Awae Kru portraying “Just Clowning Around”
  10. Euphoria Minis portraying “Off Broadway”
  11. Community Vibes portraying “Out of the Tropics”

China Mas Kids and Moko Jumbies participated, but did not compete.

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Ebuzz News

No Time For Games. The A Team Band is Taking Over Carnival!



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The A Team band is THE carnival band these days. It’s been that way for a few years but ahead of Trinidad and Tobago’s highly anticipated 2020 Carnival season, the band that’s got the musical prowess to back any Soca artiste, is darting out the gate, revolutionising the stage show and bringing a sound like no other.

EBUZZTT, in an exclusive sit down with A Team band manager, Zarin Morean learnt that in 2019, the A Team Band took Soca music to Germany- something that Morean says will be a highlight in each members’ career, for many years to come. They were contacted and asked to be a part of the BonFire Festival, delivering soca to the folks in Germany alongside Iwer George and Kes the Band.

Eddie Charles (right) brings years of stage experience to the A Team Band.

A band that rehearses continuously – twice per week, according to Morean, the A Team is indeed a unit that prides itself on preparedness. “We consider ourselves to be, to Soca, what Jamaica’s Ruff Cut band is to dancehall. While other bands have seasonal rehearsals, we rehearse every week, twice a week,” explained Zarin. He admitted it’s a herculean task to learn the music of every soca artiste who hits the stage with the band, at events throughout the carnival season. “It means not just knowing the music, but understanding each artiste’s repertoire and stage show.”

With names like Patrice Roberts, Swappi, Benjai, Erphaan Alves, Farmer Nappy, Preedy, Shal Marshall and so many others on their roster, the season ahead is guaranteed to be a hectic one for every band member. Zarin says his team is prepared though, ready for the action that always unfolds in the Greatest Show on Earth.

Already booked for several fetes, including Presentation College’s All Inclusive, Randy Glasgow’s Soka With Her, SOS in Tobago and not to mention Patrice Roberts’ Strength of A Woman, Zarin told us that he is confident in the ability of his unit. “I give tremendous credit to our sound engineer, Brenon Vergil, our musical director Miguel Charles, and each of the musicians. We foster camaraderie within the A Team so while some people may think rehearsals are always just that- playing music, sometimes it isn’t,” he explained. A firm believer in the concept of building personal relationships, Zarin told us that he’s always seen the need to allow the band members to truly get to know each other’s likes and dislikes and simply put, each person’s way. “The music is the easy part, because everybody knows the music. Understanding each other is the hard part,” he said, revealing that at their camp, sometimes a rehearsal amounts simply to a ‘cook’ and time spent together, chatting and bonding.

Ms. Kerlz and D Soca Trainer

Frontline vocalists Ms. Kerlz, Eddie Charles and D Soca Trainer are ready for the upcoming season. Already, Ms. Kerlz has unleashed a new single called ‘Independent Girl.’ Her band mate, D Soca Trainer also released a track on the Fetish riddim- something called, ‘Situational’. Eddie, Zarin told us, will be releasing two soca tracks for C2K20. For now, the band is busy delivering their vibe at Christmas functions across Trinidad and Tobago, having been booked by TSTT, Central Bank, Customs and even the Tobago House of Assembly. “I think it’s safe to say that the A Team band is the best sounding band in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Morean. He isn’t the first person to make such a pronouncement about this band and we doubt he’ll be the last.

In 2020, the A Team Band will be on the road with Chocolate City J’ouvert and Showtime Mas on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. They are excited to kick off the season of revelry – a season that will undoubtedly mean non stop work. “We all love what we do and that makes it that much sweeter,” said Morean. His one wish as the Christmas season looms, is that corporate Trinidad and Tobago sees the value in extending support to musicians and cultural representatives. “We have young musicians from Laventille and Morvant in the band and I feel that’s a good message for youths of those communities to receive. If corporate T&T would make use of these young, ambitious faces as endorsees for their brands, maybe the message being sold to the youths of T&T, could be better for not just them, but our country.”

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Jamaican Dancehall Artist, Konshens Bares It All, Admits He “Fu!ked” Up His Life.



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With nine thousand comments and counting, Jamaican dancehall artist, Konshens may very well be trending online this week. Sparked by a very telling social media post, detailing his personal shortcomings as a man and husband, Konshens who admits to having very few friends, bared his soul on Instagram on Wednesday.

Two years into his marriage to Latoya Wright and the two now face marital problems. It was only a few months ago that both the artiste and his wife used social media to tell of their split, but then in October, the pair was photographed together again, giving mixed signals as to the status of their relationship. Now, Konshens, via social media, has a meltdown in plain view of his one million Instagram fans, and then some. He admits to his mistakes and even says his wife stopped him from killing himself a number of times.


View this post on Instagram

You will wake up and grow up when she already gone. all she did was – Bring me the greatest happiness only rivaled by mi kids births. – stick by me no matter what and who going against me – Stop me from kill miself COUNTLESS times after mi bredda drop out an mi get fucking unstable. And counsel me when the world a come down pan mi. – Put up with Countless fuckery and handle it all with class and maintain respect and protect me image. – Love mi daughter like she is yours and grow her into a Lady. – Transform my mindset financially and show me seh the way i was handling money all those years was totally wrong. – Match me perfectly spiritually and physically – Partner with me in business and LIFE AND ME STILL FIND SO MANY WAYS FI MEK THIS FUCK UP. This is what happen when a likkle Jack get a QUEEN. This is a message to all men, step outa uself an look pan u life, look wat really important and dont mek Jah tek back him blessing. Mi no wah no sympathy, and yes i had to post this because a yasso mi vent mi have few frenz but none a mi fren dem nah go say “big pussy yuh nuh see seh yuh a fuck up yuh life”. Jus like how we nuh grow fi talk bout feelings an me did affi lose mi bredda fi know seh man have feelings, same suh we grow as womanizer and big likkle bwoy weh feel like money inna pocket is all,and think SELF SELF SELF and try mek up fi it by being great in other areas, anno suh it work. Yah go lose an lose BIG. Thank you very much @__latts__ best years of my life. Sorry me fuck it up. Mi aggo fix miself as a person and fix mi head to. And no matter where you go in life im going to be a call away watching and hoping you find real happiness wid sum1 deserving but i will be ready and waiting if u ever call. To all ladies i am NOT available and i dont want Nobody at all. Mi nah go depress unnu timeline mi jus a say dis publicly so everybody know wah kinda clown unnu deh yah a support an suh any man weh a clown demself can wise the fuck up now. Me aggo focus pan mi music an mi carreer, drop mi song dem an do mi work an go hard, focus pan mi kids and mi mental health and growth as a man an loww out bwoy life.

A post shared by KONSHENS (@konshens) on

Konshens has been one of Jamaica’s most adored artistes. His crossover into the Soca market has added to his musical appeal. His marriage to Wright, the mother of his young son, was certainly reminiscent of a fairytale, making this present situation all the more unbelievable.

As the Christmas season looms, we certainly wish this beautiful, young couple strength and hope amid the trials presently faced in their relationship. One thing’s for certain, Latoya Wright maintains her strength and continues to be loyal to her husband, making that very clear to a social media commenter who outright slammed Konshens for his post.

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