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What Did Machel Montano Just Do? Now, The World Surely Knows Soca’s Coming to Take Over.



Machel Montano on stage with his Soca ‘happy’ face at the TIDAL relief concert in Brooklyn on October 17th.

The secret’s gotta be out by now. The world’s best kept music secret, the sweetness of Soca, is now OUT. Under the spotlight of Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre, Machel Montano, on Tuesday gave the world what could have possibly been, the realest notice that Soca music is ready to penetrate and will, by any and all means necessary.

For decades, efforts have continued by Soca music ambassadors, willing music industry heavyweights around the world to pay attention and buy into what some would describe as the happiest music there is. On Tuesday, surrounded by big guns in the music biz like DJ Khaled, JayZ,  Chris Brown, Cardi B, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Busta Rhymes, Yankee, Yo Gotti and A$AP Ferg, Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest soca star, Machel Montano, left Soca’s signature at Barclays Centre like only he could.

Machel with DJ Khaled, on stage at Barclays Centre, Brooklyn NY.

The TIDAL event, billed as a disaster relief concert for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that recently tore through Mexico, attracted a massive crowd to the Brooklyn venue.

Montano who hit the stage wearing a grey sweat suit, matching bandana tied around his head and punctuated by the red, white and black Trinbago flag, was amped up as ever, taking fans through the paces with a rendition of his hit single, “Like A Boss” before igniting the venue with a blast from the past- “It’s Carnival”, a song he collaborated on with Destra Garcia in 2003.

The energy was insane, to say the least. The crowd fed off the Soca star’s energy and DJ Khaled seemed genuinely impressed by the response. He even delivered his signature dance moves and jumped a bit to the beat of the Caribbean’s best kept secret.

On social media, Machel thanked producer, Kernal Roberts and fellow Trinidad and Tobago Soca star Destra Garcia for “It’s Carnival”, saying:

“Big Up Destra Garcia and Kernal Roberts for this amazing classic that will probably go down as the #1 Soca song of all time.”

Destra responded to his post, saying :

Thank you for Always Representing HARD! Little or a lot! The impact is evident and the soca flag was flown! Well done M….🚀🚀🚀 it’s Carnival to the world 🌎 you’re right I think the whole world knows that song😂😂 @machelmontano

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DJ’s Being Paid for Play? Comedian and Radio Personality POWERFULLY States Her Claim.



Rachel Price is never to be toyed with. She’s a tough one when it comes to the business of entertainment in the Caribbean and while her words can be as stinging as her comedic expressions when she hits the stage, the proclaimed Queen of Caribbean comedy is often fearless when she has the proof to back her words. This morning, on the airwaves of urban frequency, RED 96.7FM, Price excitedly pounced on the topic of the Road March contenders and the race to the finish, suggesting that a competing frequency has been pushing its own agenda in playing Machel Montano’s music more than the music of the other competing artistes, and even going as far as to suggest that DJs at many radio stations were enjoying payment for airplay.

Patrice Roberts’ “Sweet For Days” has been a refrain for weeks. PHOTO CREDIT: Jermaine Cruickshank 

Calling for the people on the ground to be given the opportunity to decide on the Road March, Price said while she had no problem with the music receiving widespread rotation, she was bothered by the unfairness of the present situation. She noted that on the weekend when Montano’s song was released, the radio in her vehicle had been on the competing frequency, where for an extended period of time between driving to complete various errands, she had heard the song unceasingly wheeled and played.

Many are now taking to social media with their views following the weekend explosion of Machel Montano and Superblue’s “Soca Kingdom.” Many are in agreement with Price’s sentiments while others argue that Machel has the recipe for the Road March. It was also suggested this morning that the population had been brainwashed, a term that has been used to describe the Machel madness, for years.

Iwer George’s “Savannah” has suddenly been pushed back it would seem, with Montano’s weekend release. PHOTO CREDIT: Jermaine Cruickshank 

Iwer George, Patrice Roberts, Ricardo Drue and some say, Shurwayne Winchester all have tunes that are deserving of equal airplay for a chance at the coveted Road March – the song that is most played for masqueraders to cross the various judging points, on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. No airplay or little airplay would obviously equate to less than thunderous reception from the masses at fetes. When that is experienced, DJs then cast  the songs that receive little reaction to the back of the pack. FAIR OR NOT? You tell us.

Montano meanwhile, is preparing for his Machel Monday concert event he has aptly coined, “Soca Kingdom”. That takes place on February 5th with tickets being sold for $300, $600 and $1200 for General, VIP and Platinum All Inclusive, respectively. He performs at Army Fete on February 2nd at the Queen’s Park Savannah where as we understand it, every Road March contender will have the chance to show the crowd the strength of their contender prior to the Road March race.

 Ricardo Drue’s Intensity is certainly a Road March contender but airplay has been minimal. 

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Big Bean Riddim Highlights ‘Jai, Saucy, A Chutney King, Comedian FRESSHH and Others.



The Soca music catalogue’s splitting at the seams. There’ve been a number of powerful music releases for the upcoming Carnival 2018 season in Trinidad and Tobago and a new ‘riddim,’ which features the likes of Soca veterans Benjai, Tallpree and Ricki Jai, is now being unleashed for the world to enjoy.

With a no holds barred approach to the business of Soca and carnival, the Big Bean riddim is delivered at a time considered by many, as the peak period of the festive season. The mastermind behind the Project is Ziah who is a writer, artist, producer and social activist. He and his team are of the firm belief that Soca is no longer seasonal and does not solely belong to Trinidad and Tobago. He is adamant that the genre can be enjoyed year round and marketed at multiple destinations, even outside of the Caribbean.

Riding the riddim with ease is Benjai whose single, “Nah Fraid Dem” may very well be his testimony to all that he’s come up against in his life.  Benjai has been relatively quiet in recent time, but it is anticipated that this song will penetrate the soca circuit, leading to his arousal in the days ahead.

Denise Belfon teams up with Grenada’s Tallpree.

The riddim was produced collaboratively by New York based producer, Ziah and Big As Life Productions. Trinidad and Tobago’s Denise Belfon and Tallpree, who is Grenada’s cultural ambassador, teamed up on the track, “Wine Pon It”, while multiple time Chutney Soca Monarch King of Trinidad and Tobago, Rikki Jai has unleashed, “Drink De Most Rum.” The riddim is rounded up by a young artiste by the name of Julius who comes hard with a track called, “Good Oh” and it’s further strengthened by a single called, “Down Dey” sung by comedic Instagram sensation, Fresshh.

US based comedian, FRESSSH is also on the riddim.

Not particularly categorized as a Groovy Soca riddim, the music offered has the potential to engage fans from around the world. Team member, Amor Ben believes the riddim offers multicultural appeal, and with a mindset that remains committed to showing that the Caribbean offers a smorgasbord of cultural diversity, the team of musical minds, is focused on getting the music out there.

Songwriters from across the hemisphere are said to have converged to deliver these amazing singles. “We have songwriters and producers from the US, Grenada, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia,” said Ben, noting that it took about a month to get it all accomplished. “This riddim is simply a taste of just what Soca music has evolved to become. It demonstrates the fact that the genre is no longer owned by one island but rather, shared among the islands of the Caribbean and because of globalization, we can even say, the United States, Europe and beyond.”

| PRESS RELEASE – etceterathecompany

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