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Archived: KMC On A Soca Tip? But……



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Ok… hold up! Didn’t Ken Marlon Charles say he was done with singing Soca music? But then again, the question that many are probably asking is whether his recently released single, ‘Thing’, is in fact a soca track. We’re never the crew to judge so we’ll leave that up to you. KMC is however causing a stir in some quarters these days, having released a song that knocks a few radio personalities on Trinidad and Tobago’s progressive urban frequency. The song also seems to lean toward an alliance with another popular urban radio station, leaving many wondering whether this release is a ploy of sorts, heading into the Carnival 2015 season. But, then again, Ken Marlon Charles did in 2011 state that he was moving on to another genre, outside of the soca fraternity. 

KMC seems to be making a comeback to the Soca world with his recent release- 'Thing'.

KMC seems to be making a comeback to the Soca world with his recent release- ‘Thing’.

The new track is reminiscent of calypsonian Shadow’s ‘Poverty Is Hell’ in which the artiste uses less melody and leans toward more lyrical outbursts. KMC of course deals with subjects far less serious than Shadow would spend his time on so that’s where the comparison stops. In the single, the artiste who has earned the respect of many  on the European music circuit for his strong EDM deliverables, makes reference to radio personalities turned artistes, 5Star Akil, Jason Williams and his partner Blaze who were in fact the Road March and Power Soca Monarch champions of 2010. He even mentions Sunny Bling- the reputed joker on the local scene in T&T, insinuating that Sunny and 5 Star Akil aren’t really artistes.

KMC has seemingly been a constant source of controversy in the local music arena. He’s had run ins with radio personalities and he’s even taken his anger to Twitter when an urban frequency hadn’t played one of his songs in recent months. What many however remember the artiste for were his strong words against the Soca music genre in 2010- sentiments that expressed hurt and anger as a result of what he felt was unfair treatment meted out to him throughout his years in the industry.

Whether the masses will warm up to the new track and whether that will be based on the number of times urban radio DJs play the tune, is a matter to be observed. Whatever the outcome, we’ll admit, this ‘Thing’ sure does sound like soca!


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