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Archived: KMC Says Forward Ever- Backward Never



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He’s been doing what he feels he has to, all in a bid to progressively take his sound to another level. He’s accomplished some of his goals and isn’t stopping. On Tuesday, Ken Marlon Charles’ ‘Forever’ was added to the BBC1Xtra’s playlist in London- something not many Caribbean entertainers have experienced. Ken, since his outburst a couple years ago, indicating that he would be moving out of the Soca arena and embracing the UK music scene, has faced harsh criticism locally.

ETCETERABUZZ continues to keep our eyes and ears peeled to KMC’s progress however. In a recent Facebook post, the artiste highlighted that he would not be returning to soca as requested by many people at home. His clarification underscored the his feeling of disenchantment he felt during his 15 years of doing Soca music. He said he felt unappreciated and disrespected then, and now he has created a better life at peace for himself. Check out his April 20th message.

[box color=”gray” icon=”information”]“I really dont understand trini people all the time for 15years i give them soca although they wasn’t giving me my respect for my contribution, they fight me fight me they didnt want me to eat no food and u can still see it by their non support of my international venture , they call up my name all over like if i thief or kill somebody when all i do is give my people music and i work very hard but in vain , i moved from that enviroment to create a better life at peace for myself and now am actually feeling like am going somewhere all of a sudden they keep telling me bout doing soca ,are these people really serious? come on forward ever backward never”~ KEN MARLON CHARLES[/box]



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