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Friday’s Hot Pick. Why We’re Waiting On MORE From Lyrikal With Bated Breath!



Carnival 2018 is just months away and already Trinidad and Tobago’s on heightened Soca alert. We just can’t wait to hear what’s coming. Strangely though, the releases seem to be slow in coming. YouTube channels like Julians Promos and other popular music sharing platforms seem to be stalled for content at the moment. Releases have come from artistes like Fadda Moses, Destra Garcia, Ricardo Drue, Teddyson John, Leonce and Rayzor of NYC’s Request Band, Yankey Boy, Orlando Octave, Farmer Nappy, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, and Jadel but for some reason, there’s a feeling of anxiousness lurking. We sense there are huge soca releases set to take the season by storm. Now before we jump out ourselves over here, we’re calling on the Soca stars to PLEASE RELEASE ‘EM!!!!

Lyrikal is said to be preparing for the release of a new single with Patrice Roberts this month.

Lyrikal, the man who gave us songs like ‘Cloud 9’, ‘Loner’, ‘Dip and Roll’, ‘Conquer Meh’ and ‘Freedom’, is one of those US based Soca hitmakers whose music seems to sound the alarm that Carnival is here. Lyrikal’s had an amazing year. His 2017 season was pretty good and when C2K17 was said and done, there wasn’t a carnival that didn’t experience the Lyrikal touch. He kept his fans up to date with his every move throughout the year and even when he touched down in Africa this year, collaborating with Ghanaian artist, Mz Vee on a track called, “Dance Calypso,” fans of the dreadlocked Soca heartthrob got the feeling like they were there with him.

Ahead of the season, he’s released a new single called, “Yuh Bless”- a track produced by Kurt Riley on the Caribbean Rock Riddim, but we know there’s much more up his sleeve. Word on the street is that Lyro’s teamed up with Soca sensation, Patrice Roberts for 2018. We’re hearing that’s scheduled for release on October 28th. EBUZZTT also understands that the Brooklyn entertainer will unleash a solo track in November. We’re watching- keeping our ears and eyes focused on the prize!

 Is it just us, or do you too, get the feeling like C2K18 will be a truly special one?



Caribbean Buzz

Murder of Rihanna’s Cousin Places Sudden International Spotlight on Gun Violence in the Caribbean.



Rihanna with her cousin who became a victim to gun violence on Boxing Day in Barbados.

Gun violence and the effectiveness of Caribbean policing may be making the international spotlight, this on the heels of the murder of 21-year-old Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, Barbadian superstar, Rihana’s cousin. The young man was shot and killed on Boxing Night in Barbados while walking through a track near his home. He had been shot multiple times.

Rihanna who had been home for the holidays, expressed grief via her social media pages, writing:

“RIP cousin… can’t believe it was just last night that I held you in my arms! Never thought that would be the last time I felt the warmth in your body!!! Love you always man.”

Back in February, the young man had cited the internationally acclaimed singer as his source of happiness. He had posted a message beneath a photo of them together, in celebration of Rihanna’s 29th birthday. “Your presence in my life is a source of joy and happiness,” he wrote.

Police are now on the hunt for the killer. Rihanna has since called for gun violence to cease.


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Beauty Buzz

Rihanna Does Christmas in Barbados But The Worst Thing Happened.



Rihanna gets the flu in Barbados.

There’s nothing like a Caribbean Christmas. That’s why one of the world’s biggest celebs chose her homeland of Barbados to enjoy the season. Rihanna’s been hard at work all year long so it was only fitting that some R&R at Christmas be accompanied by the warmth of her family and friends back at home. Boy oh boy, the blessing she is to Barbados, if only for tourism. Thing is, while she was excited to be with her mom and the rest of the gang, the singer was struck by the worst luck ever.

No, Rihanna was not robbed. She did not get food poisoning either. Unfortunately, she got the dreaded flu. Imagine leaving the wintery weather in the US only to be struck with the flu bug in the tropics. That sucks! She still managed to get all dressed up in a red sheer gown for a special night it seemed though.

Rihanna has unleashed 14 new lipstick shades.

Rihanna’s been working hard over the past few months. Her FENTY Beauty Makeup line has racked up millions in sales and earlier today, the brand unleashed 14 new shades of lipstick in Rihanna’s Mademoiselle lipstick line. The beauty collection only had two lip products prior to this unveiling- a neutral gloss and a bright red liquid lipstick.

The Mademoiselle collection boasts 14 shades of bold matte lip hues in shades that range from lavender to dark brown and from baby blue to navy. On Twitter, a message issued to fans suggested that everyone give the #trophywife shade a try.  “We got the perfect camera effect for y’all to get into that highlight,” the tweet said. It was explained that those wishing to try it out simply had to add the effect to their Facebook camera on their mobile devices and take a selfie in the Fenty frame. A yellow toned flash of highlight would automatically be added to get the highlight, the brand’s social media rep said.





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