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Explainer’s Death, Strong Reminder of Life’s Fragility. Young Aaron Duncan Celebrates The Iconic, Mighty Sparrow.



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Aaron Duncan, much like Soca King, Machel Montano, has been a part of the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago since early childhood. He has embraced the calypso art form, performing and competing in numerous school competitions. Now, a young adult, Aaron dabbles between the sister genres of Calypso and Soca. “This song is about our careers and our music,” said Aaron. He made it clear, “The Mighty Sparrow is the undisputed king of Calypso,” adding that Sparrow has done so much for music. “Sparrow has done so much for our culture, and as much as many will know, I too have done a lot for the culture of Trinidad and Tobago,” he said, recalling that already many refer to him as a young icon. “I believe that this collaboration was bound to happen,” he said gleefully.

Duncan said it is not his intention to do music that lasts only for one season or one year, but rather, legendary music that can be taken to the world. He spoke on the current state of calypso music, telling us that he believes the country could do a lot better. “That’s another reason I did this song. This song is a mixture of calypso and soca and currently the song is the talk of the town and in my opinion, this is what calypso should be, as entertaining as this is,” he said. He explained that while he loves the traditional sound of calypso music, he believes we should all be open to making some changes to the genre, beginning with the length of a Calypso song. “This song is 3 minutes and 35 seconds and I believe that if we want to make calypso entertaining again, we must first look at shortening it,” said Aaron, noting that people’s attention spans are much shorter today, that in years gone by.

Aaron Duncan, at 19-year-old says he believes his career is proceeding just as he planned. “I thank the Almighty for guiding me and protecting me and actually making things happen,” said the youngster. He said he would love to see young artistes in the industry take example from what he has managed to do in merging the sounds of calypso and soca music. “ I believe that we should never forget where we came from. I was one who was always known for looking back and going back to my roots and paying respect to the icons,” said Duncan. He also admitted that doing just that, brought him much ridicule and disrespect, with some often saying he needs to change his style, but he would do it no other way. “ I love calypso music and that is part of me and that’s what reflects in my music. They want me to change but I will never change so I think a lot of the youth should pay respect to the ones who brought us to this point,” he said.

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