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Calls for Solidarity with Haiti as New Migrants Face Expulsion from the US.



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The United States’ Mexican border has seen a sudden surge in the arrival of Haitian migrants, this as families, devastated by the effects of July’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the assassination of the country’s President on July 7th this year, flee their homeland, seeking asylum. Media reports put the number of migrants presently gathered beneath the international bridge in Del Rio at 8,600. There are many children among them. Many of those who arrived on US soil have however been returned to Haiti on what is termed, expulsion flights. The Associated Press news agency said  two U.S. officials said single adults were the priority for expulsion flights.

DJ Young Chow says he is a Haitian by association.

As the situation becomes a focus in the media and on social platforms, many are voicing concern and calling for empathy. Popular event DJ, Young Chow, in a social media post wrote, “My Haitian brothers and sisters, I’m praying for you all.” His post came beneath a powerful image with the words, “HAITIAN LIVES MATTER,” and followed by other images that are making the rounds.

Well known Grenadian American comedian, Amanda Seales who is never silent on matters affecting the black community, on Tuesday posted a video and expressed that the black community does not have a shared focus. She lamented that an image of a border patrol officer attempting to capture one of the migrants using what appears to be a whip, is proof that history is being repeated. Seales wrote, “Our focus is splintered and I believe the demons have crawled back up to the surface through the fissures of our divide. May these souls find a place of peace on this planet where they may plant roots.”

Some Haitian migrants are already being held in deportation centres in Mexico. If they are not seeking asylum in Mexico, they will be flown to Haiti as soon as expulsion flights from Mexico commence.

On Monday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, speaking in a media conference warned migrants, “If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned, your journey will not succeed, and you will be endangering your life and your family’s life.”

There has since been reports that some Haitians have been freed on a “very, very large scale” in recent days; this according to a AP report.

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