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Archived: Buffy's The Wine Up Doll!



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Trinidad and Tobago artiste, Chrystal Bellille, best known as Buffy says her two year hiatus proved one thing to her. “I’ve learnt that when you’re up everyone is with you but when you’re down, you’re on your own,” said the artiste recently.

Buffy says she's ready to take her career forward.

Buffy says she’s ready to take her career forward.

With a new summer single out, complete with a video, Buffy says she’s ready to give her career all she’s got and having been in observance mode for two years, she now fully understands all that needs to be done in marketing and promoting her image and her music.

The new single, “Wine Up Doll” has already been getting nods of approval by various music heavyweights and the video, directed by Creed Kool and PengCo Music puts the icing on the cake when it comes to understanding the song’s lyrics.

Buffy says she’ll be utilizing external songwriters, relying on various people as she pushes forward with her mission to deliver the best musical products she can.

With big collaborations planned for the near future, Buffy says she’s got something that the ladies are guaranteed to love- a collab with a male entertainer that every woman seems to adore. She also says she hopes to team up for a musical duet with the ever-raunchy, Denise Saucy Wow Belfon in the future.

The song was produced and co-written by Aaron Reason of OM Management.




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