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Bass Says it Loud and Clear! He Wants More Brotherhood in T&T After Murder Suicide in Carenage.




Bass calls on men to help each other.

A murder suicide in the Carenage area of West Trinidad on Saturday has sent ripples through the country. The young woman shot and killed, was the mother of a three -year- old boy. Her daughter’s father subsequently killed himself, leaving a note to his son, saying simply, “Sorry”. Entertainer and radio personality, Adrian Hackshaw, the man best known as Third Bass, says it’s time for men to help each other.

In a social media post on Saturday, Bass said:

 “Men, let’s start talking to help each other deal with our emotions better…. PLEASE. #BrotherBrother #goodness.”

It isn’t the first time that the often vocal radio mic man has given vent to his personal emotions on social issues. In a subsequent social media post, later in the evening, Bass questioned whether the situation that unraveled in Carnage, could’ve been prevented. He questioned whether anyone of the couple’s friends or family members had attempted to intervene or were otherwise told to stay out of it.

Domestic Violence and its effect on children, family members and by extension, society, remains a topic of much study. In Minnesota, a small community called, Duluth has effected the Deluth model of dealing with Domestic Violence. This is what it is:

 Duluth Model approach Employs the following:

  • Takes the blame off the victim and places the accountability for abuse on the offender.
  •  Shares policies and procedures for holding offenders accountable and keeping victims safe across all agencies in the criminal and civil justice systems from contacting the police to the entering the court system.
  • Prioritizes the voices and experiences of women who experience battering in the creation of those policies and procedures.
  • Believes that battering is a pattern of actions used to intentionally control or dominate an intimate partner and actively works to change societal conditions that support men’s use of tactics of power and control over women.
  • Offers change opportunities for offenders through court-ordered educational groups for batterers.
  • Has ongoing discussions between criminal and civil justice agencies, community members and victims to close gaps and improve the community’s response to battering.

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Machel Montano Emerges to Find T&T Drenched Following Weekend Floods.



Flood waters have devastated many across East and Central, Trinidad. Photo Credit: Rishi Ragoonath. 

One of Trinidad and Tobago’s most idolized soca artistes had been off radar for the past four days. Machel Montano has since re-emerged, having switched on his mobile phone and reconnected with the world. He says he had been on a four day retreat and had no access to his phone or any outside media. What he found upon reconnecting with social media was that his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago had suffered massive flooding and devastation.

Like many other entertainers, the Road March title holder immediately extended a message of hope to those who’ve been affected.

“This morning I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages of concern, prayer and well wishing. I was saddened to learn of the devastating floods that hit home in Trinidad and Tobago and my heart goes out to all those who are affected.”

The Siparia native who now resides in Los Angeles, explained that Trinidad and Tobago is a nation of great resilience and further saluted those who’ve helped during and in the aftermath of of the flooding. “Thank you for all the prayers and to all those who will continue to support the relief efforts,” he said on Instagram.



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Olatunji Wins For Soca. Former Road March Champ, Shurwayne Winchester Proud of His Fellow Artist.



Olatunji Yearwood’s herculean effort to expose the Soca music genre to the European market and by extension, the world, is being praised by his cohorts in the Caribbean music industry. Shurwayne Winchester, who himself, has worked hard to take the genre to music lovers around the world, on Sunday said he is extremely proud of the former Groovy Soca Monarch champ.

Shurwayne Winchester is proud of Olatunji.

Beneath an EBUZZTT post, Shurwayne said, “I am proud of this man. He won more than he can imagine.” Winchester went on to point out that history will one day show that when Soca is called, it was showcased to the world by this young, impressive artist.

On Saturday night, Ola took the stage on the X Factor UK where he performed a new single written merely a few days before the performance. The single, “Jiggle” was well received by the UK audience, but unfortunately he did not receive enough votes that would secure him a space into the next round of competition.

Destra congratulated the young artiste, saying his parents would be very proud.

Destra Garcia, a phenomenal culture ambassador herself, also took the time on Sunday to give respect to Olatunji for his effort on the television show.

“Proud of you Ola. You flew the flag so high for soca and for your county, Trinidad and Tobago on behalf of all of us.


Destra went on to say, “Your parents would have been the proudest. You did well Tunji… you did well. This was just not your time. But now the world knows who Olatunji ‘Tadow’ Yearwood is. Love always my brother and friend.”



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