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‘Bad Like 90’s Dancehall’ Proves Millennials Still Love and Want That 90’s Vibe.



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It was an event that reminded 90’s dancehall fans in Trinidad, of the energy that the era held. There was nothing quite like the 90’s, with an explosion of dancehall heavyweights like Jamaica’s Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, Mad Cobra, Terror Fabulous, Lady Saw, Patra, Sizzla, Capleton and so many others commanding the airwaves and dance floors day after day, and weekend after weekend.

DJ Titus (right) says there is a space for events with a 90’s vibe.

Tickling the fancy of their die hard event supporters on September 3rd in Trinidad, event organizers of ‘Bad Like 90’s Dancehall,’ proved that there is a desire by music lovers, for events of this type, and while the younger crowd may desire Zess and trap-dancehall, there remains a market in between the young and mature audiences, that has pretty much been left, unserviced.

The event was held at Two Fifty Two Lounge at The Centre of Excellence in Macoya and brought out DJ Shot Master J, Ken Simmons, Kevin Baker, Beats By Robin, DJ Titus, Brandon Striker, DJ Charlotte and Shaolin, among others. Like a force, the DJs provided the right mix of 90’s hits that brought endless vibes and smiles as patrons ecstatically complied with every command.

Chatting with, one member of the promotional outfit, DJ Titus, told us that he feels there’s definitely a need to have events like ‘Bad Like 90’s Dancehall,’ noting that while there are many events targeting the youth demographic and others that cater to the 50 and over age group, 30 something and 40 year olds are left out. “There’s no middle ground in partying. It’s either Kabuki events and others like that or a young, dancehall party, unless it’s carnival time. Some of the best music came out between 1990 and 2010 and it’s kind of lost in the mix now.”

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