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Archived: Anya Ayoung Chee Presents New Spot For Hip Trendsetters



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Anya and the Above Group are set to unveil  'Home' soon.

Anya and the Above Group are set to unveil
‘Home’ soon.

Anya Ayoung Chee continues to prove that no matter how far her wings take her, Trinidad and Tobago will always be home. In an online update this afternoon, the fashionista who has delivered countless surprises on the entertainment scene over the years, revealed that she’s been working on a project aimed at bringing like-minded professionals together- a project that will be launched soon.

Ayoung Chee who just one month ago presented her CANYAVAL line at the New York Fashion Week kick off, took to Instagram this afternoon to tell fans about something simply called, ‘Home’. She said the concept, aimed at bringing like minded people, who love doing what they do, together, will take shape in a trendy, co-working, meeting cafe and events space that’ll be located in the St. Clair area. She said the project is a collaboration between herself and the Above Group, and made no effort to hide her excitement ahead of the official opening which we suspect will be soon.

Shout out to Anya! The EBUZZ family wishes the ‘HOME’ team tremendous success.

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