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Archived: Akil & Lyro's "Untamed"- The 2015 Leader of the Soca Pack!



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Lyrikal has co-written the new 2015 single, “Untamed”

5 Star Akil is at the heart of entertainment no doubt.

A number of shows across the world, following the release of his 2014 Carnival anthem, “To Meh Heart”, has made the radio personality turned soca artiste, pretty much a local household name and he’s proving that he’s in it for the long haul.

Akil, via Instagram, this morning revealed that he’s been working on something new, something he says was inspired by the party people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Together with Brooklyn, New York based soca hit maker, Lyrikal, fans of Akil can listen out for something called, “Untamed” which was released this morning.

Today, Akil recalled observing the atmosphere in St. Vincent while at a fete there- seeing the crowd become frenzied when the sound of soca music blared. He said a few hours later, after a little one on one vybz session, “Untamed” came to life.

The track was produced by Peter Coppin and Nelieux and produced at Monstapiece Studios.

5 Star revealed that the song was written in part by Lyrikal. Already, fans of both soca artistes are giving the track the nod of approval.


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