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A$AP Rocky Has Been Sexually Assaulted And People Are Laughing.



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Rapper A$AP Rocky was violated sexually by an eager fan, when he entered the mosh pit at the Rolling Loud concert held in New York last weekend, and the internet is laughing as though it’s funny. The father of Rihanna’s 4 month old baby boy, took to social media two days ago, after a viral video heard him begging to be lifted out of the area where fans had swarmed him. He later clarified that he was in pain.

“That sh#t not funny, sum lil bih was squeezing out my nutz b,” Rocky tweeted in the aftermath. The Shade Room posted the video with the artist’s explanation, and the internet, seemingly unbothered, laughed even harder. “It just got funnier now that there’s a backstory,” wrote one person. Another said, “lmaoooo not ya’ll tryna stop Rihanna from having anymore kids with her man.”

Others who clearly spotted the violation and the nonchalance of the majority, stated the obvious sexual violation. “Violation. We should really take sexual assault more seriously,” said one woman. Another highlighted that had he been female, the situation would be very different and called for the violator to be arrested.


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