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Archived: Remember The Name – ‘Levi Marcus’. Don’t Say We Didn’t Tell You!



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It’s Sunday. What’s better than having that awesome Caribbean Sunday lunch, a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a damn good read? NOT A DAMN THING. Let’s kick it off. Today our team brings you the scoop on one of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest young talents. As we said from the get go- remember the name Levi Marcus. 

Levi Marcus is a creative.

Levi Marcus is a creative.

Levi Marcus is by all standards, a creative. Don’t try boxing him into any particulars because that just won’t work. He’s from a lineage that includes the likes of the late, great musician and composer, Andre Tanker and even Trinidad and Tobago’s first internationally known artist, Michel-Jean Cazabon. At 21-years-old, Marcus has his eye set on becoming a curator. He’s always been  interested in drawing, designing, photography, fashion and aesthetics to say the least. Having started his journey three years ago, Levi ventured into modeling, photography and even studied tailoring at the Savile Row Academy in London, the alma mater of  Trinidad and Tobago’s Gregory Millhouse of the award-winning Caribbean fashion label, Millhouse Clothing.

The youngster then set out to build his resume, first learning the intricacies of tailoring to lend to his passion in fashion. Now  he’s attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where he’s pursuing Fashion Business Management and he’s even considering Entrepreneurship as a course of study to better equip himself for what lies ahead. Not stopping there, the Caribbean good-looker who understands the importance of branding, officially launched his website on August 6th. The site features photographic insight into Marcus’ creative passion. His words, “LeviMarcus is an ‘evolving lifestyle brand that evokes a LIVE, LIME, LOVE philosophy,” can be felt throughout the length and breadth of the online portal. He says this is owed to his love for Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago fashionista Shari Cumberbatch of Shop Shari, one of the aspiring curator’s mentors, has been a true inspiration. He’s also been thoroughly supported by his family and for that, the young artistic soul is gracious. Like many others in the creative field, passion is total motivation and so, those who are on the opposite spectrum of creativity, often find it hard to understand a creative’s approach to life. His family has however proven understanding. With a line of hats created and already sold out most recently, Marcus is now working on sketches for pants and t-shirts. His journey has only just begun, but with a clear outlook to life and the possibilities that lie in wait, Levi Marcus is definitely a name you’ll want to remember now, because when things blow up, we want you to recall just where you heard it first. Check out his website today and SUPPORT LOCAL.





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