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Fay Ann Lyons Enters Mas Market in Jamaica. Puts Online Troll In Check.



Fay Ann Lyons continues to build her empire. As she does her thing however, the naysayers and critics are doing theirs. The saying goes, ‘if they ain’t talkin’ about you, you ain’t saying nothing’ so amid all the reactions and criticism faced, Fay Ann continues on her mission, even behind the scenes.

Fay Ann Lyons and her husband, Bunji Garlin will deliver 8 mas sections for Jamaica Carnival plus 6 t-shirt sections.

The artiste will launch her spanking new band for Jamaica Carnival, One World Rebellion on December 8th- the very day, reggae sensation, Buju Banton walks free from a US jail. Lyons and her husband, Bunji Garlin, visited Jamaica last weekend where they gave some insight on their plans to the Jamaica Gleaner. In an interview with the newspaper, Lyons said, “people tend to have an idea of what things should or should not have been, especially in the soca community, and I, for one, have been known to be rebellious to all the limits given to me.”

The band’s 2019 theme is Revolt and according to the ‘Feel Good’ singer, the theme is rooted in history and is based on the background of various cultural revolutions from the Africans to the American natives’ fight for freedom. Lyons is undoubtedly one of the Caribbean’s entertainers whose strong sense of black consciousness, is always on display. The band will feature eight costume sections and six t-shirt sections.

Fay Ann told the Gleaner that despite her involvement in the Jamaica mas market in 2019, no one should be deterred from visiting Trinidad and Tobago for the Greatest Show on Earth. “Any consideration for a toss-up should be for persons to go to Trinidad and if possible hit up Jamaica after,” said the former Road March, Power and Groovy Soca Monarch champion.

Meanwhile, Lyons-Alvarez was, earlier this week, forced to put an internet troll in check, this after the person insinuated that she and her husband had used the money sent by Hip Hop superstar, Nicki Minaj for flood relief efforts, to launch their band in Jamaica. In her response to the person’s online post, Lyons said, “To all who find it necessary to ACCUSE me of stealing please be aware ..1- @nickiminaj sent her funds directly to ITNAC’s requested account. 2 – YES I was informed the funds was sent a while ago as she said she would. 3- any info on the funds please call ITNAC as I said since the beginning of the flood relief efforts they were one of the charities I work with (though some deliberately forgot)… lastly for you IDIOTS we been doing charity work for years not because I don’t post who we help means nothing is done or worse yet ….I STEAL. Get yourself together!!! Apparently this has been made public since OCTOBER…smh! THESE CHICKS DON’T READ…clearly!



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Buju Cleared for T&T Entry. Private Jet Arrives on Friday. Watson Speaks Out.



Trinidad and Tobago is bursting at the seams with excitement as the I Am Legend Festival headlined by Buju Banton, is just days away. An official advisory from the Ministry of National Security today highlighted that Buju, along with Luciano and Wayne Wonder had all been cleared for entry into Trinidad and Tobago by the Chief Immigration Officer.

Buju Banton is free to enter Trinidad and Tobago on Friday.

There was some concern last week after an announcement was made by the Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, indicating that he had not seen documents related to any request for Buju to be allowed entry into Trinidad and Tobago. It was subsequently reported that High Frequency Entertainment- the promotional outfit that will host Buju and his friends at the I Am Legend Festival on Sunday, had in fact submitted documents to the Ministry of National Security since November 2018. They re-submitted the request and received notice of authorization on Wednesday. understands that Buju will arrive in T&T via private jet on Friday. The artiste’s last visit to Trinidad was in 2009 when he performed at that year’s I Am Legend concert at the very same venue, the concert capital- Queen’s Park Savannah. “There is something mystical and magical about this occasion. It’s been exactly 10 years since Buju last performed here. He’s received so much support from the people of Trinidad and Tobago over the years and there is no doubt that he is grateful for all the love that’s been shown, over the years,” said High Frequency Entertainment CEO, Glenroy Watson.

Buju Banton was last experienced in concert, in Trinidad, in 2009.

The stage is set for what Watson assures, will be a memorable show of love and unity at the Savannah on Easter Sunday. Tourist arrivals to T&T, according to Watson, has soared in the past few days and is expected to increase further, in the next day or two. “There’s no doubt in our minds that this festival is an attraction to Trinidad at this time. It’s an economic booster and I’m happy to deliver this to my country,” he said. He however expressed disappointment in the corporate sector, explaining that most of his expenses have been satisfied out of pocket. “It’s not an easy road as Buju said, but with God at the helm, I’m guaranteeing everyone that this festival will continue annually- corporate sponsorship or not,” said Watson, highlighting that despite all that this event has done and will do, to boost local employment for the period, increase tourist arrivals, earn foreign exchange for the country and so much else, he has received no major sponsorship or government support for the benefits T&T will essentially reap.

Koffee makes her T&T debut on Sunday at the Queen’s Park Savannah for the I Am Legend Festival. The youths are anxious to catch her live.

The I Am Legend Festival is the biggest event of its kind to hit T&T, in recent years. Buju Banton’s name wields tremendous weight in these parts with even youths below 18 years of age, eager to experience the reggae hit maker, live. Banton, best known to many as simply, Gargamel, will be joined on stage by young star on the rise, Koffee, veteran reggae stalwart, Luciano, melody maker, Wayne Wonder and of course, Singing Melody, Tony Curtis and LUST.

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Tourism In T&T Boosted As A Result of Buju Banton Coming, Says Festival Outfit. All Systems Set for Mammoth Event.



Fully aware of the immigration implications associated with Mark Myrie’s visit to Trinidad and Tobago, promotional outfit, High Frequency Entertainment, on November 12th, 2018, issued its initial correspondence requesting assistance in ensuring the artiste, ease of entry into T&T. Letters were sent to both the Minister of National Security, Stuart Young and the Police Commissioner, Gary Griffith. High Frequency Entertainment acknowledges the Minister of National Security’s expression of non-receipt. 

On Thursday, amid concern on the matter of Buju Banton’s imminent entry into Trinidad and Tobago ahead of the I Am Legend Festival, CEO of High Frequency Entertainment, Glenroy Watson immediately referred to his files, and moved to re-submit the letter to the Office of the National Security Minister, Stuart Young. The letter is being hand delivered to Minister Young’s office, on Friday, April 12, Watson told EBUZZTT.

With all systems in place for the massive “I Am Legend Festival”, which will showcase varying areas of Caribbean culture, cuisine and the arts, High Frequency Entertainment, accepting Minister Stuart Young’s assurance of allowance upon receipt of the request, says it now awaits a final, favorable response from the Ministry of National Security.

Buju Banton considers Trinidad and Tobago, ‘home’. He will perform here on April 21st.
PHOTO: Billboard.

The I Am Legend Festival is the most anticipated event to hit Trinidad and Tobago in over a decade. Thousands from around the world have already purchased tickets and will be in attendance to witness the return of Buju Banton to the stage in T&T. “90% of online ticket sales have been generated from around the world- places like Dubai, Johannesburg, Jerusalem and the United States,” said Watson, highlighting that Trinidad and Tobago’s Tourism sector has undeniably been boosted, post Carnival 2019, as a direct result of this event. “The hotels are booked up, airlines are enjoying increased bookings for the period and it can be assured that increased revenue will trickle down to even the man on the street, because of this concert,” he said. 

Watson hails Koffee as a significant addition to the I Am Legend Festival cast.

Watson is adamant that the people of Trinidad and Tobago and persons visiting from around the world will experience a festival like no other. He last hosted the very headline act, Buju Banton, in Trinidad, in April 2009. “Buju Banton is a preacher of peace and positivity. Despite his portion dealt, he prevails as a living legend, deserving of accolades and the opportunity to inspire change among those most in need of encouragement. His music is needed and nothing should stand in the way of delivering his messages of love, peace and unity to the masses,” said Watson. 

For details on the festival, please visit

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