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Archived: Fadda Moses- The Realist! – Artiste Talks Female Self Respect



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T&T entertainer Moses has been pretty consistent since he burst onto the scene alongside the Millionaire Family a few years ago, and even after deciding to professionally part ways with the camp, the Chaguanas native has managed to stay atop his game, delivering some pretty hot soca and dancehall inspired tracks. Most recently, Moses unleashed a song called ‘Touch It’, something of a girls anthem that calls on the females to “touch it!”… Guess you can’t get clearer than that!

Fadda Moses says ladies don't ever have to feel obligated to follow instructions in any song. He  merely wants fans to enjoy it all.

Fadda Moses says ladies don’t ever have to feel obligated to follow instructions in any song. He merely wants fans to enjoy it all.

Well, amid all of that, the entertainer, who always seems to be abreast of what’s taking place around him, singled out a situation recently that now hears him calling on young women to respect themselves despite the instructional lyrics often delivered through music of varying genres. In a recent media statement, Moses said despite the fact that artistes sing songs, often-time laced with suggestive lyrics, it really is up to the person to react. He said young women particularly need to understand that there’s no need to act out everything that’s mentioned in a song, explaining that the intention of most, if not all of his songs in particular, is to relay that feel good vibe. “I don’t think a woman has to wear the shortest pants to look attractive or to be sexy. A woman doesn’t have to split to the ground or show off her body to dance and enjoy herself at a party,” he said.

Separately though, as we understand it, Moses is making some big industry links. His manager, Damien Nesbit recently revealed that Moses is in talks with an African based production team who has shown tremendous interest in working with him. Beyond that, the artiste has indicated that he’s working on some tracks ahead of Carnival 2015. He says he would like to work with reigning Groovy Soca Monarch, Kerwin DuBois and rap duo, Nebula 868, in the season ahead.



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