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Archived: Bunji Gets Deep, Talks Success After A Stop At The 'Pharm



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It’s no secret that soca artiste Bunji Garlin’s come from the streets, and has made it to the rich hills of Moka and beyond. Throughout his career, he’s highlighted a lot through verse and chorus and even though he’s making great inroads to international fame, possibly becoming a phenom in the world of Soca, Bunji remains grounded, taking time every now and again to check himself and review his steps.

Bunji Garlin says a lack of support is often a blessing in disguise.

Bunji Garlin says a lack of support is often a blessing in disguise.

As September winds down and the Carnival 2015 season rears its head, seems like Bunji’s thinking of his success, the support he’s  gotten and the lack of it in some instances.

The artiste took to Instagram this morning to remind West Indians of the character they’re capable of building with a lack of support in some instances from the outside world. Bunji and others in the Soca fraternity have worked arduously over the years to get the genre recognized by music masters in parts abroad- in parts considered the mainstream music market. This morning, Bunji expressed a sentiment that called on West Indians to embrace even a lack of support, explaining that its often a  blessing in disguise…

“You don’t do something because you expect support, you do it because you feel purposed to do it. As West Indians we all know it is no secret that support barely comes in all we do, from the outside world and our very own domain. That doesn’t mean we hold people to ransom for it. It is what it is. It is a blessing in disguise because when you feel alone or feel like very few stand with you, you develop character, you discover things about yourself you didn’t know existed. Accept it. Embrace it. Allow the nothingness to happen and there you will discover a ‘you’ that you have never seen.”~ BUNJI GARLIN

Super Blue  PHOTO CREDIT: T&T Guardian

Super Blue

Meanwhile, the soca Viking was spotted by EBUZZ indulging  in a little after dark shopping at SuperPharm in Maraval last evening. Wondering what was in his basket? Well, we spotted a loaf of whole wheat bread, some Bayer Advil among other things and all the while, Bunji cooly stood in line, scrolling through his smartphone and waiting for his turn to be rung up at the cash register.

Also making an appearance at the popular stop on Sunday night was none other than the Viking’s father-in-law, King Austin ‘SuperBlue’ Lyons. Now, that’s what we call a double dose of celeb sightings!

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