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Archived: Benjai, Screws Called Insensitive By Fans As 'No Ebola' Hits The Airwaves



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Benjai and Screw have released, 'No Ebola' ahead of C2K15.

Benjai and Screw have released, ‘No Ebola’ ahead of C2K15.

Confident that carnival will not be stopped amid growing concerns in Trinidad and Tobago, about the Ebola outbreak, entertainers, Benjai and Screws have released a single that is already being criticized by many on social media.

The track- ‘ No Ebola’ hears the sometimes controversial, Benjai, melodically asking, ‘Who ready for de Ebola’. Later, ‘Jai highlights his feeling that the outbreak cannot stop soca, noting that the mecca of carnival has dealt with several viruses and epidemics over the years.

Today, as the new single surfaced, many took to social media to voice their disenchantment and disappointment. “I don’t think anyone did a soca about the holocaust yet. Since they obviously scraping the muck off the underside of the taste and decorum barrel they may wanna take a swing at that too,” read one facebook post. Another reads, “This country is a joke wi. Even these clowns making a joke out of sumn serious. Lord put a hand on these idiots.”

In response, Benjai has said the aim of the song is to ease the minds of Trinidad and Tobago nationals. Already, a musical duo out of West Africa has capitalized on the popularity of the fatal outbreak. D12 has released a song called the Ebola Song, raking in over 50,000 views on Youtube.

Separately, Jamaican reggae crooner, Sizzla released a single called, ‘Ebola’ last week. In it he attacks the ‘government’… certainly a more serious take on the deadly outbreak.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has already claimed the lives of over 4,000 people. 






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