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Archived: Flipo Says Artistes Must Represent for The Culture



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He’s becoming a household name. Less than two years ago, Flipo was regarded as an underground artiste but with a momentum that wouldn’t accept failure, the young music maker kept at it, sending out his music and producing videos- telling his story along the way. This morning, the now very relevant artiste told Trinidad radio talk show hosts, Richard Trumpet, Tim Tim and Rachel Price that artistes must represent for the culture, wherever their music takes them.

Flipo with mega soca star, Machel Montano

Flipo with mega soca star, Machel Montano

He released a brand new single called ‘Last Man Standing’ on RED this morning- this on the heels of his smash hit, ‘Doh Tell Me’, which was remixed by Major Lazer, ‘Far Away’, and ‘Last of the First’, which was released at the end of June. Chatting with the REDFM morning team, the mainstream newbie said he was enjoying the ride, adding that performance demands have been crazy. He was urged to remain humble by Price, who in her regular humor, poked a little fun at him along the way.

On the topic of T&T artistes exercising camaraderie, especially while reppin’ overseas, Flipo said all artistes should put ego aside and represent hard for the music of T&T.




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