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What’s The Standard? Spice Teases New Song Showing Man’s Penis. TikTok Reacts.



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Has the entertainment industry lost all of its morals? Have Caribbean entertainers now joined the rank and file of pornographic promotion? Seems like it! In a new video promotion for an upcoming dancehall release, recently crowned ‘Queen of Dancehall’, Spice has left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

For years, the topic of the hyper-sexualization of the entertainment industry, has floated around. Women’s near nude bodies in particular have been commonplace over the years with male rappers in particular, and even female artistes highlighting big butts and buxom breasts with tiny waists, as the standard in this era of entertainment. Now, in 2022 it seems like a new standard’s being proposed – this as Spice pushed the envelope overnight with male models being showcased and their penises being the focus of the promotional video.

The single, ‘Tape Measure’ is set for release on Friday and according to Spice, it forms part of her upcoming album release. On Twitter, some 1.3 million people have viewed the promotional video, which shows Spice, in one part of the clip, measuring the length of a black man’s penis. The video also features a Caucasian man, however his male anatomy is not exposed for all to see in the short clip.

On TikTok, the video has been posted, garnering comments like, “She doing too much. Don’t she got kids.” Another TikToker said, “me disappointed bad, really Spice- yuh have two kids, Jesus.”

Spice with ex boyfriend, Justin Budd.

Recently, Spice made it clear that she and Justin Budd had ended their relationship. While alone in a pool on August 11th, the dancehall artiste, in a live social media chat, said, “Mi work too hard fi deh which part mi deh. Mi nuh want no man stress me out, mi nuh want no man hold me down, mi nuh want no man tell me wah fi do!” In an August 2021 episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Budd told Spice that he was not comfortable with her“grinding and dancing” with other men during her performances, telling her that then that she was no longer single and needed to ‘watch what she does’ and “tone that sh#t down.”

Because we understand that the internet is a space frequented by minors, as is Twitter and other social media platforms,, mindful of our social responsibility, have chosen not to repost the video spoken on in this feature.

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