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Ultra Simmo and DJ Ana Named Belize ‘Culture Ambassadors.’



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We bet you’ve heard of DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo. They’re a dynamic musical combination of selector and Mic man and they’ve been taking the world by storm. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, the pair have now been coined ‘cultural ambassadors’, not for Trinidad and Tobago, but, get this…. for Belize.

Belize carnival, like others across the region, had been on hold for the past two years, thanks to the pandemic, however this past September, the festivities took place. Simmo and Ana were invited to be apart of the excitement between September 19th and 22nd. The celebrations were reimagined with various festivals held at several locations throughout the country including a new “San Pedro Soca Festival,” which featured a Carnival Road March parade.

Hosted by Mayor Gualberto “Wally” Nunez of the San Pedro Town Council, DJ Ana and Ultra Simmo were the featured attractions for the country’s National Pre-Independence Day event on September 20th, along with the Carnival Road March parade and after party, held on September 21st. These celebrations took place on the heels of the Soca Fete held on September 17th, where Soca Queen Destra Garcia and her band were also featured.

“It has been an honour for us to be able to represent the culture of Trinidad and Tobago to the people of Belize. We were graciously hosted and are delighted that the people there are such enthusiasts of soca and calypso music. A special thank you to Mayor Nunez who believes in the strength of Caribbean music and performers, to leverage as part of their tourism efforts,” said DJ Ana.

The female DJ who travels extensively said together, she and Simmo have forged a new relationship with the people of San Pedro and Belize and will continue to develop it to benefit of the performers of Trinidad and Tobago, while lending assistance to the development of Belize’s DJs and artistes in the coming years. “We will continue to represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage as it further promotes the richness of our people and culture,” said Ultra Simmo.

Over 8,000 locals and tourists attended the performances and lapped up the duo’s on stage energy, chemistry and soca sets. Hundreds even lined up for a chance to meet and take pictures with the musical duo.

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