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T&T’s DJ Charlotte, Others Join Campaign to End “Period” Stigma.



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U by Kotex will launch a campaign aimed at addressing period stigma on International Women’s Day, Wednesday 8th March 2023. 

This latest public awareness initiative includes a powerful cast and crew that includes well-known Trinidad and Tobago personalities, including music aficionado DJ Charlotte, former beauty queen and media personality Yia-Loren Gomez, marketing professional Laura Narain, radio personality Virmala ‘Shala’ Balkaran and regional culinary consultant, Chef Brigette Joseph

The national campaign is in line with the brand’s goal to provide products that meet women’s health needs and ensure that all women have access to period products across Trinidad and Tobago.

Designed to call out Period Stigma, the campaign tackles the social taboo and gender stereotypes that stigmatize menstruation as ‘unclean’ and ‘dirty’, something that has caused several women to experience menstruation under a cloak of secrecy and shame. The stigma has leaving many without access to the resources needed to manage their menstrual health safely. “Being a part of this campaign lets me highlight both the stigma of having a period and period poverty – both topics being very important to me, all while working with a women-led team; from photographer and videographer to content creators and other accomplished women in their fields was nothing short of fulfilling,” said Chef Brigette Joseph.

This influencer marketing campaign, developed and managed by award-winning advertising agency 10 Caribbean Marketing, will encourage people to engage in open discussions about women’s menstrual cycle, while advocating for improved access to sanitation products through its critical messaging on period perceptions. 

Together with its brand ambassadors, U by Kotex is working to bring awareness to challenges faced in menstrual health, by sharing messages that encourage conversations among adolescents to normalize menstruation and to view women as the capable, competent period-having people they are. As the founding sponsor of the Alliance for Period Supplies, the company has already donated more than 53.1 million period products globally to help women in need.

U by Kotex’s Brand Manager, Samantha Chandool said, “U by Kotex created the feminine category 100 years ago and believes nothing should get in the way of a woman’s progress – not her period or the negative perception around periods.”

The launch date of the campaign, International Women’s Day, is in direct alignment with this year’s global theme of #EmbraceEquity. U by Kotex’s mission is clear: nothing should get in the way of a woman’s progress, especially not her period or the negative perceptions around periods. 

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