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T&T, Get Ready! Wine Savoring Will Soon Be Truly Integrated into The Culture.

Approx. 2 min read
Trinidad and Tobago will soon be introduced to a wine culture it’s never been truly exposed to.



Approx. 2 min read

A local company, Bacchus Wines Limited, masterfully being steered by Risa Balbosa, is primed and ready to deliver red, white and bubbly wines to people across Trinidad and Tobago. 

The company has been working arduously, coining the phrase, ‘Carpe Vinum,’ which translates to ‘seize the wine.’ This comes ahead of countrywide distribution in the coming months. In recent time, Bacchus Wines Limited has hosted tastings and pop-up events to introduce the brand to the public. A representative attached to the brand, said, “We believe there’s no better time than the present to educate people and showcase to them, the true essence of wine savoring as a cultural experience. There are many benefits to having wine, including good heart health, beauty benefits and not to mention, mental therapy when consumed moderately.” 

Balbosa’s vision for an effective appreciation for wine drinking within Trinidad and Tobago’s culture, stems from her appreciation for strong and lasting friendships. “Wine brings people together. Friendships are strengthened over glasses of red, white or bubbly wine and we can’t deny that,” she said, adding that the beauty of the experience often creates lasting memories.  As a result, the idea to introduce the perfect space for this to unfold, came to life. 

Bacchus Wines Limited will be the first varietals branded wine in Trinidad and Tobago, in what is a collaboration with chateaus in Europe and the United States. Beyond the introduction of the brand, the company will be the first to franchise a self-serving wine lounge in Trinidad and Tobago. 

On Saturday, July 30th, the company once again provides a wine tasting experience at ElJo’s Wine and Tapas Lounge in Woodbrook. “Bacchus is Roman for ‘God of Wine,’ and we’re eager to provide the people of this country with something that is satisfying, culturally gratifying and more than anything else, palatable beyond explanation,” said the company’s founder. “We want you to feel as though you’re in Rome, Italy, Chile. We want to give you the ultimate wine experience,” she said. 

For further details on Bacchus Wines Limited in Trinidad and Tobago, follow @BacchusWines on Facebook. 

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