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Trinidad Born Nicki Minaj Hittin’ ‘Em With The Heat.



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Celebrities set the trends and there’s nothing to dispute there. It’s the reason brands align themselves to the biggest artistes, athletes, influencers and all the rest. It’s no surprise that Nicki Minaj is making heads roll these days, now is it? In the past week, the iconic artist and influencer posted a series of spicy photos and videos that’ve led to a lot of social chatter. Have you seen them? Keep scrolling…

Nicki’s known for her charismatic personality. Her ‘girlie gangster’ vibe has influenced millions around the world in one way or another, much like the personalities of reality television superstars in the US. Check out the energy in this video she posted to Instagram recently.

Last Friday, Minaj surprised fans around the world with news that her breakout mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty was making the long-awaited transition to streaming services. 

In a week, Beam Me Up Scotty moved eighty-thousand album-equivalent units. The engagement and sales that the twelve year old album has influenced, has been called ‘staggering’. She took to Twitter to share her appreciation to fans.

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