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Tribe Family’s Sunset WKN Gave PURE HEAT.

Approx. 2 min read

Tribe and its group of bands have launched ahead of Carnival 2023 in Trinidad and Tobago.



Approx. 2 min read

The excitement all weekend long was just what Trinbagonians seemed to have been craving. Revelry was the order this past weekend despite much public warning about the potential for COVID19 spikes and the threat of Monkey Pox worldwide.

Sunset WKN delivered mas, energy and pure vibes, starting off with a massive, free street de-stresser on Friday night along Ariapita Avenue, which rolled into Saturday morning’s fitness work out at the Hasely Crawford Stadium. Preedy was among those spotted in the mix at the workout session, wilding out with good friends and enjoying the sweat. Later on, from 6pm, gates opened to usher in patrons who’d be privy to the unveiling of costumes from six carnival bands- Tribe, The Lost Tribe, Rogue, Bliss, Pure and Harts.

Each band, together one unit, revealed their respective themes- Tribe sharing ‘A New Dawn’, Harts unleashing, ‘Island Breeze,’ Rogue coming in with, ‘Rogue Bot,’ Bliss unleashing ‘WILD’ , The Lost Tribe giving fans, ‘202WE’ and Pure dishing out ‘Pure Energy.’


The event brought out a massive crowd to the Jean Pierre Complex, all ready to fete and release their stress, after the past two years of inhibition. On Sunday, the excitement culminated with a Last Jam event hosted at the Hasely Crawford stadium. That event attracted fetters who came dressed for the road in Monday wear. Now, as anticipation builds for Carnival 2023, we wait for the rest of our carnival community to share their offerings with the world.

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Are You Visiting Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2023?

Are you visiting Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival 2023?


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