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Archived: Tribe Carnival To Deliver 11th Mas Presentation Tonight



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While Tribe may have pissed off a few online viewers by their decision to promote their C2K15 presentation Wings Of Desire, with dancehall music in the background, there’s no doubt that tonight, their highly anticipated band launch will see thousands gather at the Queens Park Savannah for a sneak peak of what’s in store for the road come Carnival Monday and Tuesday next year.


Tribe launches Wings of Desire tonight

Tribe’s band launch tonight is the third major Carnival 2015 presentation heading into the carnival season and while some may argue that the season is being watered down by a lengthier sense of excitement, many others have come to the conclusion that this is now, simply the way it is. Last year, Tribe banded together with YUMA, Harts and Bliss to entertain their masqueraders on a different route and big stage. The highly respected mas band took its feathered bikini wearing hotties to the Hasely Crawford Stadium where a makeshift stage, called the Soca Drome awaited. Many are now eager to see how things, relative to the Soca Drome will be improved in the season ahead.

Tonight, Tribe will launch with Bliss- it’s partnered mas band. The Bliss presentation is coined, Blue. Tickets for the band launch were sold for $300 drinks inclusive.Now, what’s left to see is whether dancehall music will reign supreme over soca during the presentation of costumes for 2015- something that has come in for quite a bit of criticism following the posting of the band’s promo video online.

Check it out.

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