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Synthdicate Music Seals Distribution Deal with Tuff Gong As Covid-19 Triggers Digital Wave.



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Approx. 3 min read

These days as the music world looks to streaming platforms to strengthen monetisation efforts, since most outdoor events across the world have been restricted due to Covid-19, Caribbean music producers and artists are effecting strategic moves to circumvent the pandemic as well.

One US based production powerhouse has joined forces with The Marley’s, Tuff Gong International Distribution to get two of their records distributed to the streaming platforms and into the cars, homes and wherever their audiences choose to listen and enjoy. “We’ve completed a distribution deal with Tuff Gong International distribution. We relaunched two of the reggae projects that we’d previously done, those being the High Rise riddim and the Rankin Skankin riddim. They both feature Trinidad and Tobago’s Isasha,” said Victor Wells, best known as DJ Future of Sythdicate Records.

Chatting with Ebuzztt, Wells explained that the music will be distributed to streaming platforms inclusive of Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Vivo, Google Play, Groove, Shazam, KK Box, Pandora, YouTube and others with the potential to earn revenue with the anticipation of increased streams and downloads.


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If you’re less familiar with streaming, it essentially means listeners can play your music from a digital library accessible at their fingertips without having to actually download any files. Music streaming has evolved and will likely continue to as its popularity soars, but in general, you’re likely to encounter two different types of streaming revenues:

  • Streaming revenue that comes in the form of a portion of advertising revenue generated by the platform, or
  • Streaming revenue that comes in the form of a portion of subscription revenue generated by the platform.

Some streaming platforms substitute subscription revenue for advertising – meaning fans can use the service free of a subscription charge, but they will hear ads intermittently during their listening time. These are often referred to as “Freemium” services.

Others require a monthly subscription fee. In both situations, these collective costs (the subscription fees and/or costs paid by advertisers) make up the pool of revenue paid out to artists whose songs are streamed every day.


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It’s still totally valid for artists who are just starting out in their music careers to say, “Well if there are free platforms available, why not just focus on those and share those links to fans, bloggers, and others I’m pitching my tunes to?”

The biggest reason artistes should be digitally distributing their music to all major streaming platforms and digital stores: ACCESS. Withholding music from listeners who prefer Spotify or Apple Music over Soundcloud doesn’t stand to benefit independent artists who are hoping to build their fan base. Whether it’s the user experience of the app or just habit, music fans can be stubborn about how they choose to consume – and with so many options available, why shouldn’t they be? When artistes make their releases available across the board, they’re making it easier to show their music off to a wider audience – whether it’s promoting links online or bumping into a potential new fan in real life.

One of the best elements of streaming’s soaring popularity is the concept of discovery. Fans who love certain artists will listen to them on their preferred streaming app, only to be recommended similar sounding artists. Within seconds, every single day, fans find their new favorites purely from listening to their old favorites! Playlisting has become an essential tool for discovery on some of these apps, too – and while getting your music on a playlist is a task in and of itself, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Some artistes may not have the resources to start touring the world, but many would be shocked by how many independent artists find followings in places they’ve never traveled to, simply because they chose to use a music distribution service.

Finally, perhaps the most simple reason artistes distribute their music digitally across new stores and streaming platforms… MONEY.

It’s not only a dream of artists to make money from their music online, it becomes a necessity. Rehearsal spaces, new instruments, touring, recording, and publicity campaigns all have one thing in common: they cost money. By signing up with music distribution services, artistes take the first step toward making money from their music.

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Digital Buzz

Bunji Breaks His Silence as He Delivers New Creative Space with Wife, Fay Ann Lyons.




Approx. 2 min read

In recent months efforts by Ebuzztt to get Bunji Garlin’s input on various matters proved futile because, as he told us then, he wished to remain off radar as he had been working on something major that would eventually be revealed.

In the aftermath of his father’s passing, Garlin used social media to express his appreciation for the words of strength offered by his wife, Fay Ann Lyons. Months later, the pair unveiled plans to effectively carry the creatives in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean, in a trendy, digitised fashion. Earlier today, they introduced something called ‘Chrending’, set to become a dot com… a play on the word Trending, and a word certainly fashioned in the broken English dialect often heard across the West Indies.

At a media launch to unveil their new digital platform, which is aimed at cushioning the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in such a way that would allow creatives to continue to earn, the Alvarez duo explained that the website, when up and running, would facilitate virtual concerts and other performances to the benefit of every stakeholder in the Caribbean’s entertainment industry. Specific details relative to copyright, according to Lyons-Alvarez, were still being ironed out amid talks with the Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago.

Explaining that often time, artistes who utilise their personal Instagram Live platforms to host virtual events are interrupted for one reason or another, FayAnn said Chrending would eliminate such interruptions. She further explained that the website would allow each individual creative to possibly reach larger audiences than what would normally be their personal platform reach. “The idea is to bring the Caribbean audience together so when one person uses the platform you reach a wider audience and you are not just limited to the followers you have on Instagram,” she said.

The idea comes even as Trinidad and Tobago remains under restriction with entertainment being legally halted by way of the Pubic Health Ordinance, which prohibits gatherings of more than 10 persons in any one space. There will be no carnival in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021.

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TECH BUZZ : KFC Shanghai Just Dumped The Delivery Guy.




Approx. < 1 min read

The future of the world lies in technology. In this Buzz bit, we’re focusing on new technology. In Shanghai, China, KFC has deployed autonomous 5G trucks. Yes! 5G food trucks! Can you believe that?

With the COVID19 pandemic still a cause for major global concern, fast food chain KFC has deployed these 5G autonomous vehicles, which allow customers to purchase their food without human interaction. Pretty cool huh? Not only is it cool, it’s pretty forward- thinking.

Now, these 5G autonomous vehicles are unmanned. No one’s there to oversee what’s happening.

One of the vehicles, spotted in front of a Metro station outside the city of Shanghai was met by someone placing an order on the screen, the order being accepted via QR code payment, and after the order is made and the payment received, a door opens and the meal is collected. How crazy is that?

Do you think such a technological move could be the new standard worldwide in a few years?

Are we moving towards autonomous consumerism? Sure looks like it!

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