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Speculation Continues Over Medical Condition of Dancehall Queen, Spice.



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There remains no solid evidence of, or statement debunking allegations that Grace Hamilton, the woman known as Spice in the dancehall world, is facing medical challenges at this time.

A new media report out of Jamaica has suggested that the artist’s health has worsened, citing an unnamed source, however no official statement besides a previous denial by her management, that she was in a coma, has since been issued.

Rumors began circulating earlier this week, that Spice had gone to the Dominican Republic to have a surgical procedure done. Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw subsequently made a video in which she prayed for Spice’s health to be restored. She had referred to allegations that Spice had been in a coma following the surgical procedure. It was later denied by Hamilton’s management.

On October 17th, Spice posted a note to fans on Instagram, telling them she would not be posting for a while, saying that she was tired of being “their” only target for “clout and click bait.”

On Friday, Jamaican media house, Nationwide News issued a report with a headline that read, “Spice’s Health Reportedly Worsened in the Last 24 Hours.”

Fans online have been anxiously seeking accurate information on their beloved dancehall artist. On Friday, Spice’s former love interest, Justin Budd posted a photo of himself with the caption, “Game face.” It soon became an opportunity for Spice’s fans to seek details on her health, with many asking him for answers they needed. Nothing was forthcoming up to the time of this article.

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