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Six Years Later S.K.H.I. Returns to Soca with POWER.



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Music is a tool, a resource best used to bring awareness where possible, and of course, to entertain. When you’re the kind of artist who’s capable of bridging these elements, you’re pretty much winning, whether the world hears it or the universe absorbs it. 

The world will eventually know Dwayne ‘S.K. H. I.’ Arthur – a Trinidad and Tobago artist whose optimistic personality speaks volumes, and whose knowledge echoes with every single he releases. As a 10-year-old kid in Trinidad, S.K.H.I started composing music, and at the age of 18, he got his first taste of competition when he entered the now defunct, ‘Party Time’ showcase in Trinidad and Tobago. Now, years later, the New York based vocalist who once ran in circles with artistes like Rapso’s, Ataklan and even the Roy Cape All Stars family, is pressing on, releasing a brand new single he calls, ‘POWER.’

Positive and reflective, the Millbeatz Entertainment produced track encourages upliftment and unity in the face of global uncertainty. “There’s power always in unity, bring de love,” S.K.H.I. sings. A catchy tune with lyrics that leave a lasting impression, the artist’s contribution to the carnival 2022 season in Trinidad and Tobago is timely, considering the recent confirmation that T&T’s National Carnival Commission will proceed with safe zone events in a ‘Taste of Carnival’ showcase. “I think it’s necessary…some type of showcase of our culture. The truth is we’re going to have to learn to live with the pandemic and even in so doing, responsible activity has to be established. This effort, I think, leads the way in that regard,” he said. 

S.K.H.I is an acronym for Sincerity, Kindness, Honor, Integrity. It’s atypical to say the least, but with a heart that’s bent on engaging thoughtful appreciation for music and lyrics, this artist’s chosen name is perfect for him. 

‘POWER’ follows previous music releases, among them, ‘Niceness’ in 2016, ‘Desire’ in 2008, ‘Addictive’ in 2007 and ‘Find Ah Way’ in 2006. S.K.H.I says that after being dormant for the past six years, this release is one he felt compelled to be a part of, if only for it to be a testimony of his existence. “I really hope people take in the positivity in the song. For me that is the most important thing,” he said. 

For more on the S.K.H.I, follow him @SKHILIFE on Instagram and look him up via a quick Facebook search – Dwayne ‘S.K. H. I.’ Arthur.

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