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Shenseea Is Selling Out Her Personal Items In Homeland, Jamaica.



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Jamaicans on social media have been speaking out over a recent Instagram live done by dancehall beauty, Shenseea. In the video, the artist who is adoringly flanked by her son Rajeiro, tells of plans to visit Jamaica soon, at which time she will be selling out her clothing, shoes and maybe some furniture. Many suggested that she should donate the items, rather than put them up for sale.

Earlier this year, Shenseea made some big moves, aligning with new management and seemingly taking up residence in the United States. She did not say whether her decision to sell off her personal items is due to this new residential status in the US. The singer’s son has been attending classes virtually, while overseas.

Shenseea recently released new music – a track called, ”You Are The One I Love.” It comes on the heels of two summertime releases that came almost immediately after her announcement that she had shifted management.

Now, check out what Shen explained to people back home in Jamaica recently.

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