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Shenseea Drops Debut Album, ALPHA.



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Shenseea drops her debut album, ALPHA today. It features collaborations with Megan Thee Stallion, Beenie Man, Tyga, Sean Paul and Offset, among others. The mother of one who relocated to the US last year, has been making waves internationally. Her album release this month is another notch on her ladder to success.

Artwork for the album’s cover.

Shenseea once told the world that she foresees ‘Rihanna’ type success in her career. Most recently, the dancehall community was left with much to chat about after the Manchester native said she had no ambitions of being the Queen of the Dancehall. “I have never aspired to be a Dancehall queen in my life.  Neverrrr.  I have never aspired to be a Dancehall queen.  Because I am not going to be doing only Dancehall.   I can do a lot of other different genres. I am not gonna put myself in no box to please nobody,” she said back in January. Her comment came on the heels of fiery criticism over her ‘Lick’ video which featured Hip Hop artist, Megan Thee Stallion.

Now, as she unleashes ALPHA, Shenseea says she is trying to bring back dancehall. “I’m trying to bring back dancehall and fill that gap with how it is overseas. I’ve been travelling and the majority of the dancehall they’re playing is longtime dancehall,” she told the Jamaica Observer. “We have had such a big gap throughout the years and I’m trying to bring that back into motion, and who else to help me do it other than one of the OGs, Beenie Man himself?” That song is super bomb. I’m a huge fan of that song with Beenie Man,” she said. Her comment came after explaining that she strategically teamed up with Beenie Man, dubbed by many as the King of the Dancehall. Their collab is called, ‘Henkel Glue‘- a song Shenseea says is her favorite on the album.

Promotion for ‘ALPHA’ starts mid-March as Shenseea embarks on a world tour, beginning in Puerto Rico, then hitting the UK, Africa, Europe and the US.

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