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Real Life Scenario Unfolds. Soca Artist Proposes ‘Party in De Station.’



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The steadfast, though sometimes underestimated, are often the ones who leave the most memorable impression. In Trinidad and Tobago, like many parts of the world, there are youths from all walks of life who are pursuing dreams, and even amid a pandemic that has changed the face of the world as we know it, one young artist from East Dry River, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, says his dreams will be realized.

Kibwee is here to change the game, shuffle the cards and assert himself in the music industry, as one of the most talented vocalists and stage performers, Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, has ever seen. Undaunted by what some may deem, a less than favorable welcome and inclusion in the Soca industry over the past 15 years, Kibwee says now is as good a time as any, to take charge of his destiny.

Armed with a brand new Soca track called, “Station,” the young artist who is no stranger to competitions like the International Soca Monarch and the now defunct, Synergy Soca Star, is on a winning trajectory and he knows it. In fact, his new single comes complete with a story line that many will perhaps find relatable, considering Trinidad and Tobago’s current Covid-19 restrictions.

Kibwee has released, “Station.”

“Earlier this year, I went to a lime at a housing scheme in Couva. Just about five of us were hanging out and a DJ was in the centre of the field. Other people were there but socially distanced,” said the artist. What he and his friends hadn’t expected however, was the impromptu arrival of the Trinidad and Tobago police who essentially broke up the gathering, citing the pandemic.

Kibwee immediately got the idea to pen the track, saying to himself, “well maybe we should take the party to the station.” He got in studio with WMG Lab Records and together, they concocted a catchy, lyrically entertaining and melodious Soca release that’s as timely as it is enjoyable. “This song was written to help express how we, the fetters, feel about the lockdown,” the artist explained. In the same breath however, he urged folks to be patient and do what is required to get the country back on track, post pandemic.

Versatility in his veins, Kibwee also delivers dancehall and keenly attributes much of his dancehall flavour to the inspiration of Jamaican artist, Vybz Kartel. He however has his eyes set on making waves as far as the mind can perceive and as such, the East Port-of-Spain native intently observes RnB artist, Chris Brown, noting that he is not only exceptional when it comes to his vocals, but he’s a true crowd pleaser on stage. Commenting on the current direction of Soca music, Kibwee says he’s optimistic about the genre and its potential to appeal to a wider audience. “I look at what Voice has been able to do with the lyrics- taking it away from the wine and jam that we are so accustomed to, and it makes me feel good. I know the music will now cross over into a broader market,” he said.

“Station” is now available on all popular streaming platforms and with plans to unleash more music in the weeks and months ahead, this promising youth says his greatest hope at this time, is that the DJs now show him the love, “I’ve sent the song to all of the radio stations so I’m hoping that now, they’ll play the song- give it a chance to be heard by the people, after all, it was created for the people.”


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“We Are a Small, But Proud Country.” – TT Health Minister To Trevor Noah.




Approx. < 1 min read

Trinidad and Tobago’s Health Minister is today being hailed a hero for his professional execution of yesterday’s interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

During the virtual interview with the South Africa born host, Deyalsingh is heard repeating, “Trinidad is a small but proud country.”

The interview was seen as necessary by the team at The Daily Show, according to Noah, to debunk rapper, Nicki Minaj’s claim that someone in Trinidad had experienced testicular swelling after being vaccinated for COVID-19. Introducing the minister to his global audience with a bit of humor and some reference to Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival culture, Noah allowed the minister to deliver his Ministry’s statistics. Minister Deyalsingh noted that some 1 million vaccine doses have been administered in a population of 1.3 million. “We are confident that we have brought WHO approved vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago,” he said, before adding, “of those 1 million doses of vaccines we have administered, there have been only been 5 cases of adverse events, all reported to WHO.” Minister Deyalsingh further stated, “none of them includes testicular swelling.”

In the comments beneath the Daily Show video on YouTube, viewers congratulated the country’s minister on a job well done. One person, Constance Robertson said, “This Jamaican thanks the TT Minister of Health for repping the entire Caribbean.”


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Does Nicki Minaj Hate Trinidad? Artist “Vaccine and Testicles” Tweet Makes Viral Mess.




Approx. 2 min read
Chinese Laundry (left) with Soca King, Machel Montano on stage at Machel Monday.

Tony Chow Lin On- better known as Chinese Laundry, the owner of urban radio station, 96.1WEFM in Trinidad, is baffled by the negative publicity surrounding recent remarks by Nicki Minaj on Twitter as it relates to why she declined this year’s Met Gala invitation. He calmly analyzed the situation on Facebook this afternoon.

Minaj, a St. James, Trinidad born rapper has left international media houses spinning, with even CNN covering her tweet. “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl called off the wedding. So just pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with ur decision, not bullied,” she wrote on the social media platform. Her comment came after explaining that she had not been vaccinated, which was a requirement for all guests attending Monday’s Met Gala.

On the heels of coverage by various media outlets, including Variety, and even a humorous highlight by comedian Trevor Noah, Chow Lin On said, “her words were harmful at a critical time.”

The well known Trinidad and Tobago entertainment industry executive wrote, “All major news agencies, CNN , Washington Post and others including Dr Fauci , all concluded that Nicki Minaj’s baseless claims were irresponsible at best and highlights the issue of when celebrity influence is terribly harmful. So after all the memes, fun and social media engagement, long after it’s not a trending topic , her words were harmful at a critical time , as the world is engaged in the mother of all battles , THE PANDEMIC!!!! and the unfortunate side show , it’s a Trini with missing brain cells , Jed I want us to be famous for our music , our culture, our sporting achievements, our contributions to protecting the environment, a model for multi ethnic societies etc etc . THIS MY FRIEND IS NOT IT.”

This latest less- than -well- thought -out expression by the 38-year-old “Anaconda” singer comes on the heels of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics scandal involving Trinidad and Tobago sprinter, Michelle Lee Ahye who called out Minaj on Twitter in July, after she congratulated Jamaica’s athletic team and failed to even mention the Trinidad and Tobago athletes who were also at the games.

Trinidad and Tobago’s health minister meanwhile has debunked the rapper’s statement untrue.

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