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Prayers, Vigils, Hope Still Alive for Missing Daughter of Trinidad’s DJ Eternal Vibes.



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Caribbean people around the world have been praying for the safe return of 19-year-old Florida resident, Miya Marcano who has been missing since Friday, September 24th. Since that time, a man suspected of abducting her, has been found dead and police have removed his vehicle for processing.

Miya is the daughter of Trinidad and Tobago DJ, US resident, DJ Eternal Vibes. She is the stepdaughter of popular host and carnival mover and shaker, Giselle ‘The Wassi One’ Blanche.

Miya with her father, Marlon ‘DJ Eternal Vibes’ Marcano.

Miya was a resident and employee at the Arden Villa apartments. The suspect, 27-year-old, Armando Cabellero, worked at the complex and had reportedly made several advances toward Marcano, which she is said to have rejected. Police say he used a master key to get into her apartment before she disappeared. He was found dead in a Seminole County complex, on Monday. He had reportedly committed suicide.

To date, the Caribbean community at large has rallied in support of the Marcano family, many saying the 19-year-old was well known within the carnival culture landscape. In a recent social media post, Blanche wrote, “If you know me, you know what my children mean to me. I AM A MOTHER. I AM AUNTIE G…. My stomach hurts me…. My babies are my energy…. ALL OF THEM…. I need Mimi…. I LOVE YOU MIMI…. We have been through so much already. We can do this… PLEASE CHILD… OH GOD I MAY NOT BE WORTHY BUT MY BABIES ARE….

Miya’s father, on Wednesday wrote, “I can feel your energy and I know you’re feeling mine. We’re both hurting deeply! I have a full team searching for you all over the world. Don’t give up on me! Send me a sign baby girl. I’m looking for you.”

Marcano’s family held a vigil Tuesday night and is holding onto hope of finding her.

The family continues their search. The group searching for her has started an Instagram account that you can follow at @BringMiyaHome.

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