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Archived: Mr. Killa Takes Over Trinidad Carnival



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This is the year of the thick girls, no doubt and that’s all thanks to Mr. Killa- Grenada’s golden boy who has infiltrated the T&T carnival circuit, appearing at almost every fete this season. The young entertainer who has catapulted to Caribbean wide fame with his hit single, ‘Rolly Polly’, made an appearance at last Saturday night’s, Battle of The Sexes event held at the Jean Pierre Complex in Port-of-Spain and what he caused was certainly much more than a stir. His appearance there was followed one day later by his much anticipated performance at the Arima Velodrome where he would send the massive crowd wild, during his semi final showcase. 

Grenadian artiste, Mr. Killa is ready to take on Machel Montano and Superblue for the crown on Fantastic Friday!

With an ease in his approach to the stage, Mr. Killa has proven that the Caribbean as a whole, definitely has the talent it takes to be viewed by global creative minds and executives as the next best arena to find raw, unspoiled talent. Now, with a series of performances that have excited many, Mr. Killa is being touted as the man to watch in the finals of the International Soca Monarch competition, set for Fantastic Friday in Trinidad. He will contest kings, Machel Montano and Superblue and while Montano is definitely a match, many are wondering what and when the veteran, Superblue will deliver. His single, ‘Spankin’ is not a power contender and while we’ve learnt that the artiste may be putting his finishing touches on his power monarch track, the question is, does Super have enough time to make an impact?

On Sunday, Mr. Killa found it a bit difficult to lift his Rolly Polly.

Machel Montano has never made life easy for the rest of the soca stars who will come up against him on finals night. In the past two years he has flown and hovered over the thousands who assemble at the Hasley Crawford stadium and now, we wait with bated breath to see just what the multiple time Road March champ will do this time around. Last Sunday, Mr. Killa brought on stage with him, the ultimate Rolly Polly. Wearing a florescent green fitted number, the large woman was much more than the Grenadian entertainer could bear on that night. Maybe he hadn’t eaten his starchy provisions as expected but as he ended his performance, he promised that come Fantastic Friday he would be able to lift the 300 pound woman for the crowd to see- and that, he just might! 


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